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3D Animation, 3D Animation & 2D Design Guru
  • Pune, India
hello my education - - draftsman civil , diploma in civil engineering, architectural animation i have 4 year experience in architects field as designer and draftsman as...

Abid Punjani

3D Animation, Product Animation & Presentation Design Specialist
  • Rajkot, India
24th September 1989 is when I was born, The only thing apart from sports that I took seriously was Art. The need to study and make a career out of my not-so-exciting life in...

Armen Shahinyan

3D Animation, 3D Animation & Rhinoceros Guru
  • Yerevan, Armenia

Edward Calderon

3D Animation, Gadgets Design & Mechanical Animation Guru
  • Portfolio: 7
  • Bogota, Colombia
Mechanical engineer, mechatronics specialist with skills in design and project management, expertise in manufacture design software (inventor 2017, Solidworks 2013 Autocad...


3D Studio Max, 3D Animation & 3D Animation Designer
  • Turin, Italy
Arch018 was founded in 2011. Since then we have specialized in describing unbuilt architecture, spaces and concepts for design competitions through images and animation.

Antony loveson

3D Animation, 3D Flythroughs & Mechanical Engineering Designer
  • Design Projects: 1
  • Kochi, India
i am Mechanical engineer with through knowledge of designing and manufacturing of epoxy pressure gilation mould and APG clamping unit design,and spm design, and will do working...


Product Animation, CATIA & 3D Modelling Guru
  • Portfolio: 7
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
I am a mechanical engineer and have been working in different kind of CAD software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Catia for over three years. I also do rendering...


3D Rendering, 3D Visualization & 3D Animation Professional
  • Portfolio: 4
  • Design Projects: 1
  • London, United Kingdom
I have over 10 years experience in producing architectural visualisation, 3D modelling and animation.

Virginia Gil

3D Modeling, 3D Animation & Blender Designer
  • Portfolio: 2
  • Caracas, Venezuela
I've been working with 3D for more than a year now while studying hard to get my engineering degree at the best university in my country. I specially enjoy modeling, but I work...


Adobe Illustrator, KeyShot & 3D Animation Designer
  • Portfolio: 5
  • Cheras, Malaysia
Hi! I am a 3D generalist with over 5 years of experience in 3D Animation Design. My areas of expertise include 3D modelling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, 3D animation,...