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Amogh Technopreneures LLP provides end to end technology solution in various area like Industrial and Scientific Product developments, Printed Circuit Boards Layout design, Electronics Hardware and Software developments, Commercial Interior / Exterior Lighting product design and manufacturing.

We possess following technical domain expertise.

· Multi layer PCB Design and development
· Flexible PCB Design for Wearable electronics
· Customize boards for GPS, Time of Flight (ToF) sensors.
· Customize boards for Langmuir Probe biasing, Ramp Generator,Pulse power circuits.
· Customize high speed ADC boards for various scientific experiments
· Customize Data Logger and Data Acquisition system.
· Embedded Software/Hardware system development for an application area like
Robotics, Instrumentation,Automation and Aviation.
· Fiber Optic based data links for analog and digital signal for instrumentation
· Customized micro controller like AVR,Cortex,PIC, based development board design
· Circuit design and development of various applications for accurate measurement of
· Customized Embedded Software, Circuit designs and development for various sensors
like temperature (RTD/TC), ultrasonic, capacitive, acoustic, optical,ToF etc.
· Customized Embedded Software, Circuit designs and development for IMU sensor's
Magnetometer, Gyroscope , Accelerometer etc.
· Power supply design like Linear or SMPS (buck/boost) etc.
· Analog and Digital Circuits design and development
· Wearable electronics product design
· LED Lights and Driver circuit design
· Wireless/ RF circuits design
· Electronic Component Supplier

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  • Electronic Hardware design engineer Amogh · Self-employed Jan 2010 – Present 12 yrs 9 mos Ahmedabad, GJ, India


  • Gujarat Technical University B.TECH , Electronic and communication engineering 2009 – 2012

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