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My name is Jacob Oestreich and I'm the Owner of Green University Engineering. We are a Fully Insured CAD, Drafting, and Design Services provider. I've been doing drafting and design work in one form or another for around 7 years. I have experience in many industries including concrete, architecture, metal fabrication, foundry, heavy equipment, marine, agricultural equipment, glazing, aerospace, military, paper, manufacturing, and machining. I've worked on everything from single parts, to 10,000 plus component assemblies. I've done everything from welding to managing a large prototype design company.

I'm currently in pursuit of growing my business. My business philosophy breaks down to Quality being of the utmost importance. If the customer isn't getting the product that they are paying for, I'm not doing my job.

As of now I will be offering my Services FREE of Charge if Quality requirements are not met. What I mean by this is, before embarking on any project, quality requirements and lead-time will be laid out in detail before any contract is activated. Once both parties agree on quality definitions and lead-times, a contract will be written up guaranteeing the work is completed within the defined requirements or services will be provided for free (if the requirements are not met, services completed up to that point will be given to the customer free of charge).

I believe strongly in providing customers with what they are asking for. This may require layouts, previews of planned work, and extensively defining what is required previous to project kick-offs. I will do my best to set realistic expectations as far as lead-times go. I will also provide updates daily or weekly on the progress of each project and provide gantt charts if the customer desires.

Thank you in advance for your inquiry and I look forward to doing business with you.

Owner - Green University Engineering

Fully Insured Services Provider

Jacob Oestreich


Green Bay, WI, United States