Global rank:
20,509 / 38,440
Skill pts: 0


SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: M.E. with 20+ years experience in the Design, Development, Testing & Manufacturing of commercial and consumer products, including: NC Machined components and housings, Injection molded parts, stamped sheet metal used in highly engineered sensors, mechanisms, and assemblies. Design using Near Net Shape elements – Castings - both die and investment. Daily use of SW 2016, FEA analysis ( SW Sim & ANSYS ), Familiar with: Design Standards - ANSI Y14.5, DIN; Regulatory Standards - UL, CSA, FCC/CE, NACE; Rapid Prototype Techniques - 3D printed parts, Prototype Plastics, Laser Cut Pieces. High Volume Production using: CNC stamped & machined parts, Molded Plastics; Die-Cast Light Alloy Parts; Management of Design Projects and Engineering Teams. Very skilled with Supply Chains, Design for Assembly & Manufacturability, and applied Value Engineering. Highly skilled in working with Machine Shop personnel.

Recent Classes: SolidWorks Basic, SolidWorks Advanced, SolidWorks Assemblies, Matrix, SolidWorks
Over 16 years experience and 32+ projects completed using SolidWorks.



Spring, TX, United States