I have been working 7 days a week since December, so to say I am very dedicated is an understatement. I have owned my online business since 1994 when freelancing was just moonlighting. I am up front, if I don't feel comfortable with your proposed project or am not interested, I will let you know right away. I don't play games and I am an expert in my field which is Solidworks. I have been a project manager more than a few times during employment stints and I completely understand the manufacturing process. I am in expert in taking over projects when a key employee dies, quits, etc. (don't laugh, 3 of my best customers were draftsman or engineers that suddenly died). I have worked on everything from IC chip architecture to sandcastings to very large machinery and even a few urea plants. I am probably faster than your best cad guy and the whole time I am drafting I am also keeping an eye on deadlines, watching out for potential pitfalls such as hard to design parts or sourcing a more common or cheaper component. I am use to doing tab and slots for parts made out of plate, I can etch bent parts for use in laser cutting, know how to properly cope a tube for a laser machine, can use GD&T properly, can properly notate a weld diagram, assembly drawings, etc. My largest project to date (working under a process engineer and with a small team of drafters) was a 6M urea plant in china which was nearly a thousand pages of mechanical information, not to include mass balance info, spec sheets for the components, etc. The package was a 5' long wooden box that had to clear customs. I can source materials from china or other offshore locals and now I have a sub that will be helping me so I can get away from the crazy 7 day a week schedule. I have no problem managing your team, or providing consulting as well. I am starting to steer away from the smaller projects unless you are paying really well as there is a lot of "plate spinning" with a bunch of smaller projects.


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