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Zemax is a popular optical design program for Microsoft Windows. It is currently developed by Zemax LLC and it is usually used for the analysis and design of illumination and imaging systems. Zemax was introduced in the market way back in 1990. Today, designers and engineers use this program to create imaging systems like camera lenses and useful illumination systems. The way in which this unique optical design program works is simple – it relies on ray tracing. This means modeling the transmission of rays via optical systems. 

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As a sophisticated piece of software, Zemax is able to model the effects of different optical elements including aspheric lenses, simple lenses, mirrors, gradient-index lenses and even diffractive optical elements. In addition, Zemax can produce thorough analysis diagrams like ray-fan plots or spot diagrams. This optical design program can model the effect of standard optical coatings on the surfaces of components, too. The program comes with a library of stock commercial lenses which makes the designer’s job that much easier. Zemax can conduct typical sequential ray tracing via optical elements. It can also perform non-sequential ray tracing for standard analysis of stray light as well as physical optics beam propagation. This program is known for the great tolerancing capability which allows proper analysis of the impact of assembly errors and manufacturing defects.

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