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AutoLISP is a specific dialect of the well-known LISP programming language. This dialect was designed for use with the complete version of the popular AutoCAD software and AutoCAD derivatives like AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Map 3D, and AutoCAD Mechanical. So, AutoLISP is actually a built-in programming language in AutoCAD. With its help, professionals can design programs that will create drawings automatically. 

At Cad Crowd we have developed an international community and network of AutoLISP and AutoCAD experts that are prepared to manage any CAD drafting, programming, and design activity. We have a community that includes thousands of experienced freelance drafting technicians, engineers, project managers, industrial engineers, graphic designers, architects, and many other specialists. In case you are looking for AutoLISP freelancers who have complete knowledge of this language, then look no further! Cad Crowd is the ultimate source for AutoLISP services. 

The fact is that almost every activity that you are conducting manually can be automated with the help of AutoLISP. This language comes with a wide set of features and functions that experienced professionals like the ones of Cad Crowd can use to conduct a wide range of activities in AutoCAD not manually, but automatically. AutoLISP comes with programming features for decision control, variable manipulation, error management, arithmetic operations, loops and function management. In addition, it has special features like display control features, geometric functions, command functions, query functions and object managing functions.

It is quite difficult to customize and adjust environments like AutoCAD.NET, AutoCAD VBA, and ObjectARX manually. However, thanks to this special programming dialect, you can perform AutoCAD customization in a simple way. Obviously, you will need the help of someone who provides high-quality AutoLISP services.

Thanks to Cad Crowd, you can rest assured that you are using the help of the best freelance AutoLISP programmers. Our mission is to connect every client with top-ranking, pre-qualified, experienced and professional designers and specialists who possess the knowledge and expertise that you need to succeed. We have designers that are prepared to work with any client right away on projects of any size. They will work remotely as part of a team or independently. It all depends on your needs and requirements. Cad Crowd is here to eliminate all the dilemmas and fears you have about online hiring by letting you establish a connection with true experts. 

Hire the services of a freelance AutoLISP expert right now. Check their public profiles and hire the expert that you find to be most suitable for your project. You can also provide more information about your project to get a free quote. We will be glad to check your needs and help you identify the best person for the job. Here at Cad Crowd, we are sure that you won’t be able to find better AutoLISP professionals in another place.

AutoLISP has proven to be a very useful dialect and AutoCAD accessory. Thanks to our experts you can take full advantage of AutoLISP without breaking the bank. 

Rupak B
Rupak B IN in Kolkata
Member Since: 2015-02-19
PIPING DESIGN ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL. Competent design engineer with successful track record of providing PIPING design engineering services across industries over 15 years as a full time employee in the area of Water, Air, Gases, Acid, Steam, Fume, Hydraulic, Grease & Oil Lubrication etc. in German MNC, Austrian MNC, Italian MNC and in the Japanese MNC. - Accomplished more than 12 nos. of projects of piping, from the Basic Engineering to Bill of Materials with Procurement specifications / Manufacturing instructions, using the CAD design applications and the standard codes ANSI, DIN, ISO, JIS and the IS norm. - Deputed to Italy for four times, for the Basic design engineering work of piping, in an average duration of three months for each. - Trained in Germany for three months, on the International Standard Design Drawing & Engineering practices along with the CADD applications. - More than 20 years doing AutoCAD 2D, 3D, Solid Modeling, Customization, AutoLISP & C Language Programming and using the MS-Office, Adobe Acrobat, Email, Internet etc. - Accomplished numbers of Engineering / Technical Writing task; on Contract, Standard, Process, Operation, Maintenance, Training & Education etc. - Post Graduate Diploma in Piping Design & Engineering. - Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. *Please feel free to ask for the Details of my Experiences.
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gregoryK US in Manitowoc
Member Since: 2012-11-30
Studied Architectural Studies and Urban Planning at UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture in Milwaukee Wi (1982-1985). *Recipient of 2nd place in small scale architectural design competition sponsored by undisclosed wallpaper manufacturer retailer and the UWM school of architecture. *Certificate of study in Autocad, AutoLisp I and Autolisp II, 2000 *Certificate of study in Paragrafix Configurator Developer and Paraweb Developer by Quantara., 2001 *Winner Best Design, Snow snake contest, city of Sheboygan Winter Festival-1988 *1st place Architectural Drawing - Lakeshore Technical Institute, 1980 *2nd Place Architectural Model Building - 1st National Bank Design Competition, 1980 *1st Place Architectural Model Building - Lakeshore Technical Institute, 1980 *1 patent - Invention custom linkage arm to improve efficiency of generator rotation, 2014 *Best of Show Exhibit Design - The Display Shop/Vernet Paper Co./ADDY Awards - Designer Greg Krouse - 1988 *Featured Designer Illustrator; Exhibit/Display Manufacturers Expo; Las Vegas NV, Mero Systems Group
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AC Behera
AC Behera IN in Kolkata
Member Since: 2015-02-24
Name: Ananda Chandra Behera Father's Name: Late Bhairab Charan Behera D.O.B. 1964-04-12 Religion: Hinduism Nationality: Indian Marital Status: Married Work Experience: 20 yrs. Organizations Worked with: VATech, VAI India Pvt Ltd, SIEMENS_VAI, Siemens Ltd. Designations: CAD Engineer/Design Engineer/Design Executive
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Sivanand.Gollapudi IN in Hyderabad
Member Since: 2015-08-19
- Worked with many projects involved in digitization, data cleaning - Symbolization as per cartographic guidelines to prepare presentation maps - GIS desktop application using open source Skills • Cartography, Digitization, Data cleaning & Quality control • AutoCAD development with AutoLISP • Microstation • ArcGIS
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James Bosserdet, Jr.
James Bosserdet, Jr. US in Old Fort
Member Since: 2016-01-11
My experience and skills are extensive, numerous, and diverse. I am very proficient with SolidWorks with 18+ years of practice. I also have extensive experience with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, and FeatureCam to name a few. I have designed products for many industries from Firearms to In-ground Pools, and used multiple manufacturing processes to include: Injection Mold Design, Structure Foam Part Design, Plastic Part Design, Thermo-Forming, Compression Mold Design, Machine Design, High Speed Packaging, Sheet Metal Part Design, High Pressure Pump Design, Piping Design, Furniture Part Design, CNC Programming, CNC Operator; and there are more I don’t remember. Accomplishments: Designed/Managed the Twix II Bagging & Scale project at M&M/Mars. This entailed demolition of the old equipment, designing the new working area and conveying equipment, research for the new baggers and scales, insuring all downstream equipment was capable handling the higher feed rate. This was the first phase of three. Estimated monies spent was a little over $5M. Designed/Managed the SmartDoor project at Radio Systems. I managed all aspects of the SmartDoor, both small and large sizes, from concept to production. This product produced a revenue stream of $90K a month with a production cost of $1.2M. Patents granted for this project: US 7,621,815, B2, US 7,798,103 B2, and US 20,090,255,481 A1. Designed/Managed the Panel Pet Door project at Radio Systems. I managed all aspects of this door from concept to production. The production cost for this product was $700K. Patent US 8,434,264 B2 was granted for this project. Extensive knowledge of SolidWorks (I own my own seat of SolidWorks), PDMWorks, FeatureCam and Mechanical Desktop. Comprehensive understanding of Arena, Oracle, QAD, Interleaf Software, AutoLISP, Word Perfect/MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Project, MS DOS, Pkzip, Windows NT, Personal Designer, Virtual Gibbs, Cadkey, SurfCam, Pro/E 2000i, RevWorks, FeatureWorks, Cosmos/M, and several other software programs.
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Steve Carlson
Steve Carlson CA in Cambridge
Member Since: 2012-12-14
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John Galchevskiy
Member Since: 2013-02-01
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Iqbal Lotey
Iqbal Lotey CA in Edmonton
Member Since: 2015-09-28
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Murali IN in Bengaluru
Member Since: 2015-12-20
Overall 30 years of experience in Design & Drafting. Worked in various fields from Mechanical engineering, CAD Services, 3D modelling of mechanical & fabrication parts, Creating Isometric views of parts, Cartography, GIS & AM/FM, Large format Digital Image printing (3M Scotchprint), Retail Floor Planning, etc. Currently taken to Freelancing and looking forward to share my experience and learn new concepts in the market.
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Nadil LK in
Member Since: 2017-01-19
Dear Sir, I have 17+ years of CAD/CAM experience in many engineering streams. Mastered in 2D and 3D. A Certified Solidworks Professional. I have mastered in Parametric Designing with Solidworks and AutoCAD, I have a sound knowledge of automating solidworks and AutoCAD using VBA and Auto LISP. Expert in ► 3D Modeling ► Walk Through Animation ► Mechanical Design ► Creating and updating drawings ► Converting drawings into DWG format (from PDF, hand sketches, blueprints, images, etc) ► 2D into 3D conversion ► Photo realistic rendering ► Animations (Engineering study) of 3D objects ► Preparing files for 3D Printing SOFTWARE: ► AutoCAD ► SolidWorks ► PTC Creo ► KeyShot ► 3D Max ► Corel Draw ► Photoshop My Samples Nadil Nishantha
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