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Hire CAD designers & engineers in New Haven, Connecticut

Are you looking for CAD freelancers in New Haven? Cad Crowd is here to help! We cater to independent inventors, entrepreneurs as well as large corporations in New Haven who need CAD services and are searching for freelancers who specialize in CAD design and drafting. With our network of fully trained and highly experienced CAD experts, you’ll easily find someone who matches your project needs and finish your tasks on time and within your specified budget.

Cad Crowd’s freelancers specialize in different services, which means you’ll find the right person to hire no matter what your requirements are and how small or large your project is. If you’re developing a new product, for example, you can hire our industrial design experts who provide high-quality product design services. Some of them specialize in drone design and assist those who want to develop ultra-modern UAVs, while others focus on medical device design and help medical equipment manufacturers who are working on new hospital machines. Still, others help clients design and create furniture, jewelry, toys, and other products.

We also have New Haven freelancers who are experts in electronics. They assist our clients with designing smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, wearables, cameras, and televisions, ensuring that they’re not just stylish and attractive but that they also comply with the industry standards for consumer electronic products. Our freelancers likewise provide PCB design services and help clients create printed circuit boards that function as designed, consume less power, and have low production costs.

We provide a variety of engineering services, from electrical to mechanical to structural. Our freelancers can provide you with engineering design and drafting services and can run your project through analysis and simulation programs to find out if it has any existing or potential flaws that need to be fixed.

All of Cad Crowd’s freelancers in New Haven are experts in the top CAD programs. Our product developers rely on the tools offered by AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor, while our engineers do their simulation tasks using Creo and CATIA. So, no matter what type of software you want to use in your project, you have the assurance that your Cad Crowd freelancer will be able to handle it.

We take the guesswork out of online hiring. With Cad Crowd, there's no need to read mountains of resumes and bids — our quality control team will do everything for you. We’ll connect you with a pre-vetted freelancer who has the skills and expertise you need to succeed with your project. Along the way, our staff will review your freelancer’s work to ensure it suits our high standards and meets or even exceeds your expectations.

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