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Hire CAD designers & engineers in Modesto, California

Hire 3D modelers and 3D designers in Modesto today!

Cad Crowd will connect you with world-class 3D modeling services and CAD design services from experienced and skilled freelancers. Browse through our member profiles and portfolios or submit your project description to us for a free quote. Based on your project requirements, we will match you with the best 3D modelers and CAD designers in the business. 

We are a trusted CAD design company because of our ability to provide clients a quick and convenient way to hire freelancers. We take the guesswork out of hiring 3D modeling services or 3D CAD designers by directly connecting you to pre-qualified and pre-vetted design professionals and engineers. We have a team of engineering experts that analyzes end reviews your project requirements and then assign a contractor based on your project needs. This takes out the hassle and time-consuming task of sifting through tons of resume and scheduling interviews. All you really need to do is submit your project requirements and we will take care of the rest of the hiring process. 

We offer flexible services that are custom-tailored to your project requirements. We treat every project as unique and different and come up with a project estimate and solution that are specific to your project. You can rely on us to provide the best and most suitable 3D animator or CAD designer for the job. Whether you're looking for an expert in 3D design or a 3D designer, Cad Crowd has the expertise you need to reach your project goals. 

We offer a comprehensive array of CAD and 3D CAD services. From 3D modeling and animation to 3D prototyping and conversion, our community of Modesto-based freelance designers has you covered. We help clients convert their 2D creations to 3D, turning stories into experiences. Our 3D conversion services have been used by cinematographers, directors, and VFX supervisors. The same services have been used in the medical field as well, especially in creating CT/CBCT image processing.  

We offer expert 3D prototyping for a wide range of applications. From CAD data, we 3D print prototypes directly, enabling us to make fast and frequent revisions before prototyping. To ensure a flawless finish product, our freelancers perform a rigorous evaluation, testing, and refinement. This is made possible by rapid prototyping with 3D printing. The flexibility this offers ensures you get the best results with less scrap and fewer to no reworks. Cad Crowd will work with you from initial sketching right through to prototyping. From photopolymers to thermoplastics, our Modesto-based 3D animators and designers can work with a full spectrum of materials.

With 3D printing an integral part of CAD design, we provide clients with 3D CAD services that can support their needs in product design and development. From detailed drawings and plots to 2D technical illustrations and reverse engineering, our 3D designers can handle any project, regardless of the size and scope. 

Submit your project brief today for a free quote. We will match you directly with the freelance CAD services you need to succeed.

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