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Concept Architectural Designs

Building D.

  • AutoCAD
  • CAD Design
  • Home Design
  • CAD Drawing
  • Autodesk Revit
  • New Residential
  • Design & Drafting
  • Remodeling design
  • Design Development
  • Commercial Drafting
  • AutoCAD Architecture
  • General CAD Drafting
  • Architectural Drawings

jamesm6 $64/hr

James M.

  • Tutoring
  • CAD Design
  • SolidWorks
  • CAD Drawing
  • Machine Design
  • General Design
  • Gadgets Design
  • Concept Design
  • Medical Devices
  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • 3D Printing Design
  • Engineering Design
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Mechanical Drafting
  • Part-to-CAD Modeling
  • 3D Printing Services
  • Mechanical CAD Design
  • 2D CAD Design Services
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Injection Molding Design
  • Robotics Design Services
  • Prototype Design Services
  • 3D Models of Machine Parts
  • Mechanical Design Services
  • SolidWorks Design Services
  • Design Engineering Services
  • Mechanical Drawing Services
  • 2D to 3D Conversion Services
  • Product Engineering Services
  • Design for Assembly Services
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM Services)

15+ years of experience of designing poducts to be manufactured. I am an expert problem solver and designer with a degree in mechanical engineering. I have designed consumer and industrial products from simple enclosures to high tech automated systems in varied inudstries including automation, and bio-medical. My specialties are in clean sheet design but I have years of experience in maintaining and updating legacy products as well. I have designed products for plastic injection molding, 3D printing, metal casting, precision machining, and sheet metal. I am an expert in the use of Soliworks and I have some experience in AutoCAD, Creo,...

dhundley $30/hr

Dustin H.

  • AutoCAD
  • Conveyors
  • 2D Drawing
  • CAD Design
  • 3D Modelling
  • Machine Design
  • Design Engineer
  • CAD Engineering
  • Machine Drawings
  • Value Engineering
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • Fabrication Design
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Engineering Design
  • 3D Design Services
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Rendering 3D Design
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Engineering Modeling
  • Layout Drawings Design
  • Machine Parts Development
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Conveyor Design & Automation
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Hand Sketching Design Conversion
  • Automation Testing and Debugging



  • CAD Design

ChanFooo $20/hr

Paul C.

  • CAD Design
  • 3D CAD Design
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • 3D CAD Assemblies
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • AutoCAD Electrical
  • 3D Assembly Drawings

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  • CAD Design

Last updated: Sep 16, 2021

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CAD Designers in Memphis, TN

Are you looking for CAD design services in Memphis? If so, Cad Crowd can help you out! We are the home of qualified and reliable freelancers providing a wide range of CAD services covering the entire product design and development process. From 3D modeling to design for manufacturing, we have all the talent you need to make your design project a success!

Getting access to the talented pool here at Cad Crowd is easy. Just send us the details of your project. We will get back to you with a free quote and pair you up with a top-ranked freelancer who meets the unique requirements of your project.

We provide highly flexible services and offer solutions that accommodate the specific needs of each client. We understand that the difficult process involved in hiring the right talent for a design process. This is why we want to make things simpler on your part by taking care of the vetting process for you. We match clients with pre-qualified and vetted professionals capable of everything from PCB design to 3D animation. We can find the right talent who can see your project through from concept to completion. With our help, you can get connected to a Memphis-based freelancer in just a few clicks!

Cad Crowd can offer a wide range of CAD drafting and design services. Be it designing a part for an electronics device or creating a design for a large building, we have the talent that can respond to whatever task you can throw at us. We offer simulation and analysis, prototyping, design for 3D printing, engineering services, industrial design, packaging design, automotive design, and so much more. No matter the size, scope, or subject of your project, our freelancers are ready to help you realize your goals.

We provide clients with highly flexible services that are custom-tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project. Our freelancers are available for both short-term and long-term contracts. Our clients include independent entrepreneurs and inventors as well as more established firms. Whether you're looking to partner with an experienced designer to help you bring your new product idea to market, or you're looking to outsource some of your firm's drafting work, Cad Crowd is here to help!

Using the right CAD program is also essential in a design project, and each of our freelancers has years of experience using the most popular applications. Whether the job requires photorealistic rendering using with Keyshot, product design with AutoCAD, drafting a new product using SolidWorks, or performing simulation and analysis using CATIA, our freelancers can respond to any challenge sent their way. Let us know if there is a specific software you want to use for your project and we'll match you with the expertise you need. Our experts are also available to help you determine the most appropriate tools for your project.

We also offer contract manufacturing and USPTO patenting services to help you get your product made and to protect your intellectual property.

If you’re looking for product design services in Memphis, send in the details of your project today and receive a free quote and get paired up with a top-ranked freelancer equipped with the skills needed by your project.

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