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Bianca Reyles

Bianca Reyles

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EICA Estimators & Engineers

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BMS Building Management Systems

A building management system (BMS), which is also known as building automation system BAS), is a computer-based control system consisting of both software and hardware that is installed in buildings in order to monitor and control the mechanical and electrical components of the building. This includes things such as power systems, ventilation, lighting systems, security systems, and fire systems. The software is usually proprietary and integrates the use of internet protocols to work. At Cad Crowd, we offer building management system freelancers who can help get you set up efficiently, effectively, and in no time at all.

Building management system are typically used in large buildings that have extensive electrical, mechanical, and HVAC systems. These systems link to a building management system and usually represent up to 40 percent of a building's use of energy. If there is lighting included, it can instead take up as much as 70 percent. Building management systems are usually crucial to managing the demand of energy.

Not only can building management systems control the internal environment, they can also manage access to the building itself. This can include things such as access doors and turnstiles that control who is able to get into the building. It can also mean things such as closed circuit televisions and motion detection. Elevators and fire alarm systems are usually also linked to building management systems in order to monitor them. Furthermore, building management systems also include mechanisms for disaster responses in order to save a building from any sort of earthquakes or floods.

Some systems that are able to be controlled by building management systems are electric power control, lighting control, security automation, heating, ventilation and air condition systems, PA systems, alarm monitors, security and observation, plumbing, access control, elevators, lifts, fire alarm systems, and more. Benefits of building management system services controlling these things include the possibility of individual room control, saving energy and water, increasing the productivity of the staff, reducing the amount of unnecessary artificial lighting, and more. It can also help to improve the life and reliability of a plant, save money and time during maintenance, help with effective response to air and heating complaints, and so much more.

For maintenance companies working with a building, it can also help to make information more readily available, help computerize the scheduling of maintenance, make the use of maintenance staff more efficient, have early detection of service work or problems, and so much more.

With so many benefits of building management systems, it is important that you begin designing your own with the building management system freelancers here at Cad Crowd. Each one of our freelance building management system designers is ready and able to help you with your project. Let us set you up with who we think is best for the job, or you can choose your own by looking through the profiles and portfolios to find the freelancer that impresses you the most. Contact us for a free quote today.

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