Interview applicants and discuss rates

To make it easy for you to conduct interviews, we offer the ability to chat with experts and make Zoom calls directly on the platform.

Once you have identified a possible hire for your job, you can send messages to discuss the particulars of the work, including the hourly rates, project deadlines, and other relevant information. Running an interview allows you to communicate your needs, ask questions, and assess the expert’s responses and qualifications.

Before making a job offer, the interview lets you decide if the expert fits your project. Additionally, the consultation sets the tone for future communication between you and the expert.

How to start an interview

  1. Visit your Jobs list and click on the job
  2. Select the Applicants tab
  3. Click on the Chat button

🚀 Check out our article to learn about chats and sharing files with your Cad Crowd inbox.

You can view your chats with experts on the job page or in your inbox.

To protect against online fraud and ensure the safety of our users, you must use the Cad Crowd chat messages to communicate and make payments. Communicating or making payments outside Cad Crowd can expose you to fraud, intellectual property theft, and confidentiality risks. Using the Cad Crowd message thread, you can help us better protect you against fraud.

Please see our article about messaging requirements and best practices.

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