How do I choose a winning design entry?

Once your contest ends, you can review the design entries and choose a winner.

How to award the prize for your favorite design:

  1. Nominate designs: The first step is to shortlist your favorite designs using the Nominate button next to the design submissions.
  2. Choose winner: Once you nominated your favorite design entries, click the Select Winner button to go to the winner selection page.
  3. Award prize: Use the Select as drop-down to pick your favorite design(s) and award the prize for the best entry.

Important: Please do not choose a contest winner until you are completely satisfied with the winning design. When you choose the contest winner, the designer is paid immediately and we may not be able to recover funds if you realize the design is incomplete.

Tips for choosing a contest winner:

Here’s how to select the winning entry for your contest (or confirm successful closing of a project):

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