#4 solid main body by Albertus Putra
At first, I tried to make a solid body from the original design.
I have to erase all the unnecessary holes, and wrap it in a new surface.
2014-10-13 20:49:45
#5 parametric-surface-modelling by Albertus Putra
I converted the .stl file to .jpg files, and inserted them as a sketch picture.
This way I can sketch lines and arcs according to the optimized design.
For such a complex part like optimized-upright, I can't use the basic-features in SolidWorks, so I decided to use surface-modelling.
2014-10-13 21:06:26
#6 parametric-surface-modelling sequel by Albertus Putra
To keep the file size as small as possible I had to divide the file to 4 parts, but it still can be changed easily (still parametric-design).
2014-10-13 21:20:56
#7 parametric-optimized-upright by Albertus Putra
If you want to open the file attached, you have to download all the "parametric-upright1" files.
The final product has the total mass 3.43 kg,
2014-10-13 21:32:41
#8 optimized upright assembly by Albertus Putra
I also attached .x_t format for light-size and easy transferable files on SW
Please let me know if there are any changes
2014-10-13 21:44:28
#10 simple parametric upright_1 by Albertus Putra
This is a simplified version for parametric-upright. It is made by basic features in SW, such as extrude-cut, lofted-cut, and boundary-cut.
The mass is the same as previous one, but the shape is less in details.
If you want, I can give additional-fillets to this model.
2014-10-14 22:10:44


Albertus Putra


Mon, 13 Oct 2014 21:46:14 +0000
I need any of your thoughts or feedback to improve the 3D model