#7 Entry no.1 by PETER LAKATOS
Hello, This is my first entry in this contest.
Please see the attached pdf. and image file, and let me know what you think about it. The design is flexible and can be adapted to any suggestion you might have. I will keep thinking about new ideas to show you.
Thank you.
2014-10-01 23:52:51




Thu, 02 Oct 2014 07:28:08 +0000
Thank you Sam for your fast reply

I will try within today to have the idea in physical form and try it.
As i have imagined it, the dotted line will be guides for the bends, cardboard packaging suppliers, ( or whoever cuts them) have the technology to press on that line so that it bends easily, so bending that is not difficult, and closing the bottom is intuitive because of the rectangular ears that co into the holes to keep the product in shape.
I thought of the tweezers device because poop doesn’t have a standard shape that fits all or a standard density, and this tool may get dirty and also be well placed in the main body after using it.
The point of the paper bag and tweezers is good, the difference is how a paper bag looks like compared to this enclosure.
It is great that you are demanding, i don’t want to have a design that might look good on screen but not be functional in real life. My designs are my business card so i care about having a good product.
That is why i will try to print the pattern and trace it on cardboard, cut it and test it.
p.s. : this is only one of the entries that i will submit, and more will come :).


Chip Cluster


Thu, 02 Oct 2014 03:33:02 +0000
Hi Peter,

A very comprehensive design thank you!

A couple of points

The box /container section is looks very complicated to assemble. I think there would be too much folding and constructing.

The user could simply use the 'tweezer' section to pick up the poop and the just drop tweezer and poop into paper bag?

I think a certain amount of folding and construction of container will probably be necessary but would be based around an innovative method of actually picking up the poop and containing it, rather than just being a 'container' so to speak.

A tweezer/ grab arrangement will probably be needed but could that actually be more integral with the container? And at the same time being easier to assemble!

I'm being very demanding I know but 'cracking' this problem is the key. If we can do this then I think there is a seriously good business here