1st Winner
#9 The Desktop Defender V2 by Luka B.
Updated version of my first design.
Jul 8, 2014 16:19
#2 The Desktop Defender by Luka B.
As promised I posted (few hours late) my entry for the desktop defender contest.
- This design is meant to be used for presentation. The arms and body are rotationable but it has some limits. It is hard to achieve to hold the position without any other mechanisms, so I did that by using the elasticity of the material. In reality you will probably use servo motors and the design would then be different (atleast the connection).
Also the arms can come off if you pull them apart, they should hold the position but they won't handle any side forces forcing them apart of the body.
The design is solid, I can fix that if required because it will probably take longer to print but it will be more stiff which is for presentation probably better,
The width is 112mm, and the height is 170mm.
I would appreciate some feedback, so I can see if I am on track with my design.
Also any changes can be done if wanted - this is just my try to visualize something you have imagined.
Jun 27, 2014 22:49
#3 The Desktop Defender with renders by Luka B.
Unfortunately I clicked the wrong screenshot picture (it is my first time uploading here anything), so I had to make another entry of the same design.
For any extra information or extra renders/pictures contact me via gmail:
Jun 27, 2014 22:57


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