#39 Grape Button, improved rubber grip by PETER LAKATOS
The button can have the grape shape, the rubber grip is a little different, it grabs even better the glass.
Everything can be refined, and detailed and modified if required if desired.
Thank you
2014-06-23 21:18:35
#35 Wine glass tag by PETER LAKATOS
This is a version where rubber material is used to hold in place the tag on the glass. The holes give it a nice clean look, and also the flexibility it needs to adapt to different diameters of the glass.
2014-06-22 22:58:08
#15 Entry - 25.04.2014 by PETER LAKATOS
Hello this is the update to the model i did last night.
The mini usb fits perfectly, i can change shapes if you want.
I will reply now to the personal message you sent me last night about the button.
Thank you!
Kind regards.
2014-04-25 07:07:35
Here in black is the rubber part that fits tight on different glasses. There is the mini usb for PCB mounting, a button such as used for optical mice.
I will add details.
If you have suggestions or ideas please share, and the model will be updated.
Thank you
Kind regards
2014-04-23 22:35:04
#11 tag by PETER LAKATOS
Hello, this is a smaller model
I aimed for it to take as little space as possible, i will submit another entry with the exploded view of the model i did. Please tell me if what do you think about it, Thank you
2014-04-23 22:30:17
#9 Entry nr. 1 by PETER LAKATOS
Hello, i am submitting a screenshot of my idea put in 3D.
It is made not to take away the class and elegance the wine glass, leave room for the hands, and also look great and useful. If you like the design please let me know and i will refine it, in the interior. Until now, the clamp is designed to be fixed between the body and the bottom with 2 small and hidden screws.
Feel free to ask for details and modifications.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Kind regards.
2014-04-17 23:24:48




Fri, 25 Apr 2014 09:15:12 +0000
the button .... if it remains mechanical, could look like a long underline of the Lcd/Name