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For Project: Smart Water Carafe

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#1 Water Carafe by griffcl
This family of water carafes was designed to quaintly hold beverages yet dispense them with elegance. The aesthetic is a slender tapered answer to a traditional milk bottle. Thicker walls were given to the base to give a feeling of distinction to the beverage held within. Three different sizes of bottles, .7 liter, 1 liter, 1.3 liter. The top is made out of silicone. The lid and the bottom post for the lid are metal. I am thinking aluminum would look great either brushed finish or a polished finish. The stem of the metal lid screws on/off to allow for easy cleaning and disassembly. Depending on the hardness of the silicon polymer you choose, you could have one solid metal piece for the lid, but by pulling the metal piece through the silicone repeatedly it will stress. I was concerned about the silicone tearing with repeated use so I went with the two-piece lid. On the silicone top I included ribbing on the inside and a groove for the lip of the bottle. These will ensure that there will be no leakage while pouring.
Mar 6, 2013 17:18


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