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For Project: Hypophonia Amplification Device

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#8 Hypophonia Amplification Device by Kenan Kalamujic
Both mic and the speaker are lightweight, both use clip on style so you can wear them on your shirt, suit or other type of clothing. Speaker is easy to use and requires only one AA batery, and it has on one side the volume button and on the other it has a jack port for the microphone. Microphone is made in the same way with a clip on the back to hold it in place while you are speaking. Microphone has an ON/OFF switch, with led light green nad red as to indicate when it is on and when not. Head of the microphone is a very sensitive microphone head as you recomended. Microphone and speaker are conected by the wire provided in the picture, also the speaker can be put on a belt and also on table.
Jun 13, 2017 12:50


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