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#15 Mixer Tank 9000 L_3 by Tsetso
If you have any requirements and recomendations write me
Nov 10, 2012 19:22
#7 MIXER TANK 9000 by Tsetso
Hi, I want to answer some question
Do you want simple design easy for manufacture?
What kind of file format do you prefer?
I can send you :
1. 2D drawings for all parts and asembly drawing in PDF format or SW drawings.
2. DXF or DWG for all parts and Asembly.
3 3D CAD Files in STEP, Parasolids, SW2011 or different file format
Oct 30, 2012 20:36
#10 Mixer Tank 2 by Tsetso
I think electric motor should not be mounted directly on the cover, because there will be sag.
You can use standart wheels or remove them at all.
If you use a propeller that I send you, I can draw attachment to the axes of the propellers
If you have any requirements, please write me
Nov 6, 2012 12:45




Wed, 31 Oct 2012 05:15:12 +0000
2D drawings for all parts and assembly in PDF format