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For Project: Gravity Step
#10 Gravity Step by sldraftingdesign
Simplistic yet effective. Minimal use of materials while staying attractive and functional.
2016-10-31 13:59:26
#12 Gravity Step by sldraftingdesign
forgot to attach STEP file in last submission
2016-10-31 15:54:05
#13 Gravity Step V3 by sldraftingdesign
updated the ribs underneath
2016-10-31 16:45:00
#16 Gravity Step by sldraftingdesign
Added Text Logo.
Raised "G" logo with textured top for grip
Unique in design, incorporated the "G" logo into overall shape.
Over molded rubber lip on bottom for non slip
put two together at the recess to make larger surface area to step on as shown in render
reinforced on bottom to support 100 kg
Smooth design with no sharp edges
2016-11-02 19:21:00
#26 Double Gravity by sldraftingdesign
Added a second option to have a Double Gravity Step that serve as a standalone unit, or used in unison with the other steps for a variety of applications and sturdier, more secure platform.
2016-11-07 17:49:15
#5 Gravity Step V1 by sldraftingdesign
I can make any changes you like
2016-10-28 20:32:15
#34 Gravity Step V4 by sldraftingdesign
I have removed the notch per your request for safety and replaced the logo with hard plastic while the rest of the top is textured rubber.
2016-11-16 15:40:49


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