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For Project: Tooway E TRIA bracket

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#13 Tooway E TRIA 98 Bracket by Ridwan Septyawan
" Tooway E TRIA 98 Bracket "
I create this models based on
- Stable models
This bend has many models , so with this the models will more strong and stable enough to hold 2 kg loading assumption . ( Please check the attached files , I did the simulation process and this strength models are strong enough to hold the 2 kg or more loads ) .
- Look
I tried to add some art and safety value in this models. With this bends the models look more elegance and I add the files to every corner radius to Increase the safety value when we assembly it . We can use as powder coating metal finishing process .
- Simple and Easy to Production
I used Staimping this process to mass pro models . So we will get the more inexpensive production costs more easy to production .
Please give me your comments .
Thanks ,
Ridwan S
Apr 30, 2016 13:18


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