#5 Crystal Shaped Lipstick by Vladu11
Hello, I made some 3D models and Renders of what I thought the lipstick should look like, it's not like the "concept1:, but it is edgy. In the "Flash Animation" folder, you can find 360 deg animation of the lipstick, to better visualize the edges. "3D Export" folder contains various 3D file types, including 3D PDF.
Mar 31, 2016 16:05




Fri, 01 Apr 2016 10:01:55 +0000
Hi, I will be working on it. It's a good thing you extended the contest! Can you confirm this is just for visualization purposes? It would help me adjust my workflow to faster send new entries. Also, if you prepay the contest prize, you will be able to view the files in the entries. That's where the 360 animations are, along with other things.

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Michelle Kim


Thu, 31 Mar 2016 18:52:03 +0000
Yes, thank you this is very very very close to what i wanted to see. Although i do like the shape it may be a little too simple for my liking. I would love to see this design slightly longer for the lipgloss. And also a design that is just like the photo i provided thank you.