#5 Very Soft Rubber Mold by ScottMacK
This crazy design could actually be produced, the question remains whether it should..
2016-02-11 17:38:09
#9 Custom Inflatable Inner Mold by ScottMacK
2016-02-12 16:35:00
#2 2 Chamber Ice Mold by ScottMacK
I know this isn't what you asked for but when I saw that neat ice trick I thought of something much easier to make which gives a very similar effect. This simple 2 chamber mold holds 2 different liquids side by side until it is broken with a hammer and everything is mixed. This mold is very simple in that the removal of the frozen ice casting is done by gently unscrewing the mold from the casting.
2016-02-10 20:49:12


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