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#38 Adjustable mother load by Shoham Design
First thing is..I designed it in CATIA because of easy rendering if you like it then i can design in solidworks too.
This product meets to your all requirements it is 4 way adjustable with total comfort.
can be attached to chair or car seat.
We have two options for material-1.Plastic and 2.Aluminium.
C section concept used for frame to make it more robust.
I hope you'll like it. ;-)
Dec 6, 2015 20:00


Shoham Design


Tue, 08 Dec 2015 18:38:02 +0000
Dear sir, thanks for your feedback. As you said my design looks similar to earlier entry,let me clear two things, first it may look similar but not same :-), and second one my chrome browser is not able to download any file from other entries :-). So my design is purely developed by me.By the way its totally depends on you sir ...I hope you like it . :-)



Tue, 08 Dec 2015 18:01:59 +0000
Thanks for your entry! This seems very similar to an earlier entry, sorry I didn't get feedback to you sooner.