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#5 LA_Apartament_V1 by ProtoTech Workbench
Hi Bert,
I've send you the files in a private mesage as well.
All images with the interior and exterior respects the requirements, and we tried to keep the minimalist design.
Along with the images, I provided you a .pdf where you'll fine some links to some interesting article about interior design in general and Hollywood, Los Angeles houses in special. That links were my source of inspiration.
If any modifications are required, please let me know.
Looking forward,
ProtoTech Team
Oct 29, 2015 23:25
#7 LA Aparament by ProtoTech Workbench
Sorry for submitting second time.
We've done some improvements over the images.
Looking forward for your feedback,
Have a nice day,
ProtoTech Team
Oct 30, 2015 9:03


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