#30 Simple Water Tank by Saaddin N.
Simple Water Tank is a tank water reservoir for use in the corner of a kitchen, in a bathroom, near the garden. Simple Water Tank was created from idea to design in October 2015 for the Design Contest for Engineers held by Cad Crowd. The Water Tank had to be modern, clean, and
unique design. Therefore, the design of Simple Water Tank aims to make it looks like a
Simple Water Tank capacity is 200 liters of water, with 40 cm width, 25 cm depth, and 230 cm height. The tank position is vertical rectangular. It is made
of transparent polyethylene with the rotational molding process. Transparent color chosen in order to meet modern, clean, and unique design concept, also to facilitate monitoring of water level and water clarity. The arc radius in every corner of Simple Water Tank is 5 mm to meet the requirement for the rotational molding process.
Simple Water Tank has 15 cm in diameter cap on top for water inlet. It also has water outlet on the side near the floor to the total arterial runoff of water that may also be used to interconnect a second tank. Simple Water Tank have details to reinforce their structure to prevent stewing when full.
Oct 12, 2015 22:51


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