#29 Crazy Card Tray by Ridwan Septyawan
"Crazy Card Tray"
- Shape : Crazy, Unique, Simple and Interesting. I think kids are like something that's interesting and unique, so I make this products as interesting and unique (crazy) enough for kids to make them more fun and enjoy when use and play with it.
- Material : PBT Plastic (recommended from buyer)
We can use ABS Plastic material to get this product more lightweight and strong, because the ABS material have a great elasticity too to handle the kids (But if we use PBT that's no problem).
- Mass and all about tooling and the more description are attached as images.
- Logo : You can change the logo with yours, the logo can be a sticker too add visual value.
Hope this products are helpfull for you, need your feedback to make this products meet your requirements as quite as well.
Best and Kind Regards,
Ridwan S
Jul 3, 2015 17:54
#27 Card Tray by Ridwan Septyawan
"Card Tray" by Ridwan Septyawan, Need your feedback.
- Simpe but not bad looking, this is interesting shape for children.
- Lighweight < 1kg.
- Material ABS Plastic or more lightweight plastic material
- Not boring design
- No sharp edges so the floor or surface not scrath and safe for child.
- Easy to manufacture.
- One components make production process not expensive.
- etc
You can change the sticker logo with your own.
Best Regards,
Ridwan S
Jul 1, 2015 21:29


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