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#14 Sense Sensor by Ridwan Septyawan
"Sense Sensor"
My design direction when I created this one is :
- Make the visual attractive, unique, futuristic, simple and ergonomic.
- Main material of casing is plastic LDPE (or another recommended material from mold supplier)
- With rubber seal so this is water and dust proof.
- Use M3 Screw (Qty : 4 pcs).
- On/Off Button make with Rubber.
- Charger Port (I forgot it because I do this projects in limited time, but if you want to pick me as the winners I'll add the charger port to this products).
- Another solution for charger port is use wireless charging method (this is more support for waterproof products).
- Why I make this products waterproof? Because this is will use in humand hand, that's many times contacts with water. So this features are meet the daily activities of the user.
To get the cheaper mold prices, we can make the case as family mold (with side cores) and the sealed rubber as family mold too). So in this case we need 3 mold "case, rubber seal and on off button.
Best Regards,
Ridwan S
Jul 12, 2015 4:37


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