Designs by Joel Appugliese

For Project: Design a Dynamic Mini Golf Set!

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#8 Mini Putt Design For Home Or Office by Joel Appugliese
1.Tiles are 700mm x 700 mm (not including male connector)
2.Tiles are Designed with Male and Female Connectors.
3.When Connected, there is space for 2 layers of industry standard magnetic strips (Thickness of 0.060 inches, Width of 0.75 inches)
4.A Male/Male and Female/Female Tile allow for a wide variety of Tile Combinations.
6.Raised Edges on the Tiles are the height of a standard golf ball, limiting the risk of unwanted home or office injuries and breakage of furniture.
5.Models are sealed and ready for Manufacture.
Extended Features
1.Easy to Package
2.Easy to assemble
The Design has taken into consideration the criteria posted on the contest page. Notably, the use of magnetic strip between the tiles means that your course, in any arrangement, will be sturdy.
While Testing the Concept in a virtual environment, a wide variety of arrangements were possible. Each connection between the pieces were verified. The inclusion of a Male/Male and Female/Female Tile greatly diversified the number of arrangements possible, allowing for the triangle and quarter circle tiles to veer the course in any direction.
Individually, the Tiles are very simple, yet their design allows for a very dynamic range of course possibilities. Shorter, more compact Courses are possible by leaving some tiles out, and with several standard extension tiles courses can be stretched or curved.
Between a Hill Tile, a Triangle Tile an Obstacle Tile and 3 Quarter Circle Tiles, 2 of which are sloped and intended to work together as a banked half-moon, It is possible to achieve challenging and fun course layouts, all while maintaining the simple nature of the individual tile design.
Apr 10, 2015 18:33


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