RKC like kettlebell design

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I would like to produce kettlebell in cast iron. from range of 4KG to 48 KG. it should look like RKC, Both side flat surface, one side KG and one side LBS weight marking. Handlewidth for all kettlebell shoud be same.
Black color
  1. Pro/Engineer Wildfire


#14 kettlebell design by neet
I have done project on theoretical knowledge & Mathematical Calculation basis as my knowledge.
2013-10-29 20:44:28
#13 Kettlebell 2 by Stelios
2013-10-23 19:11:15
#12 Dumbbells by Ahtopahtel
2013-10-19 20:11:50
#11 Kettlebell 1 by Stelios
2013-10-14 16:38:57
#10 PropaneKB 4-48 by Incedo
Kettlebells, propane design
2013-10-11 12:16:29
#9 RKC like kettlebell design by sreejith
2013-10-07 09:36:18
#8 Kettlebel - Configs by Adam
Kettlebel 4 Kilo - 48 Kilo
2013-10-04 13:07:27
#7 Kettlebell Detail Drawing by Innovative Design
Detail drawing of both 6kg and 48kg kettlebells.
2013-10-02 11:35:40
#6 Kettlebell - 48Kg by Innovative Design
48kg kettlebell.
2013-10-02 11:23:50
#5 Kettlebell by CADmate
The rar files are the pro e/creo 2 model.
2013-10-02 11:12:05
#4 kettle bell by theera
6 kg of kettle bell, now attached for your reference.
2013-10-02 09:01:54
#3 8 kg kettlebell by N.J.Brizuela
Weigth iron: 7,975 kg
painted: 0,025 kg
total: 8 kg,
2 working hours each.
25€ = 30 $ each
Best regards
2013-10-02 08:19:50
#2 Kettlebell by ASalinas
2013-10-02 05:15:21
#1 Kettle Bell - 6kg by Innovative Design
The physical model weighs 6kg.
2013-10-02 01:32:26


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