Architectural Design ideas for modern house in Allgäu, Bavaria

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Hello design community!

We are looking for modern, interesting and versatile ideas for the construction of a residential building in the Allgäu area, Bavaria, Germany.

Since the design process is still in an early phase, only rough design drafts with focus on the integration of the building into the landscape, the appearance and style are required - no ready-to-build plans!

The project is advertised as a small competition. One to three winners will be chosen from all submissions, and the prize money (400€ in total) will be shared between them. If a design is particularly convincing, a sole winner can also be chosen.

Any further information and rough guidelines can be found in the attached PDF. If any questions arise, please don't hesitate to ask!

The information given serves as a guideline and can be modified depending on the concept.
Any skill level is welcome.

We are looking forward to many creative and diverse works!
You are free to choose the types of presentation (sketches, renderings, collages, floor plans, sections, views, etc.), important is that the design is communicated clearly and understandably.


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#8 Architectural Design ideas for modern house in Allgäu, Bavaria by karams
Aug 11, 2022 11:49
#7 Terrace Villa by arnolddelange
Aug 10, 2022 20:27
#6 Modern Dreams Made True by arnolddelange
Aug 10, 2022 20:20
#5 VILLA SAMPLE by karams
Aug 8, 2022 10:41
#4 Heera panna concept layout by murtazamulla
Aug 6, 2022 23:17
#3 Villa Idis by serhiia
Aug 6, 2022 6:16
#2 Design ideas for Modern house by arisentechnologies
Jul 25, 2022 13:30
#1 House with Double Garage by SamH4385
Jul 22, 2022 12:40


Tue, 26 Jul 2022 03:59:56 +0000
Hello Contest holder, please check my entries and let me know if you want to any changes according to your own ideas. I will be happy there. Thanks!
Tue, 19 Jul 2022 04:26:37 +0000
please prepay
Thu, 14 Jul 2022 17:39:12 +0000
That's actually quite interesting. Especially considering it is a payment pending contest. In my humble opinion, in most cases, we all get what we pay for. In this particular case, say for example that 3 winners are chosen and they split $400. That's 400/3=$133.33 for an initial stage (conceptual) architectural study. What quality of work is expected for this amount?

Just for reference, according to official EU data for 2020 (Architect's Council of Europe), the architects median hourly charge (adjusted for PPP) in Germany is €81/h (principals), €67/h (architect employee), €52/h (technologists). Across the whole EU-26, the median hourly charge (adjusted for PPP) is correspondigly €79/h, €62/h, €52/h.

So, the work you ask for, corresponds to a professional working for about 133/81=1.6 up to 133/52=2.6 hours! What do you think would be the quality of the deliverable outcome of this? Just saying...
If someone wishes to calculate the actual cost of the work you ask for, the math is pretty simple here.

Anyway, good luck with your project! Maybe somehow this will work out well for you. Wish you the best!
Wed, 13 Jul 2022 08:42:46 +0000
prepaid please
Wed, 13 Jul 2022 05:09:14 +0000
Please do it prepaid :)

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