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in 3D Modeling Design held by Mike Power
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We will be launching a new line of premium urethane dumbbell in the premium arena. We desire to get some new fresh looks that we can review to make our brand unique but upscale in the market.
Needs to be different than existing products.
Must have a premium branded appearance
Don't Wants:
Copy the same designs on the market
Company Logo:
  1. Need a JPG and Step file format file on final submission.


#44 Dumbbell Line by Alex_Muller
Apr 12, 2018 13:28
#42 version 1 by arjunkhanna
designed it to give it future mechanical feel and make it attractive using sharp lines ,
waiting for ur feedback for more design.
Apr 11, 2018 23:19
#19 Premium dumbbell by unocuatro
Something different.
Apr 7, 2018 4:00
#26 simple, ergonomic by Balaram
Apr 7, 2018 17:14
#27 dumbbell6 by Milan Borovic
Apr 7, 2018 17:18
#33 Dumbbell Example 20 & 100 lbs by Model to Life, PLLC
Hi Mike,
I created a 20 lb & 100 lb model and placed them both in the same assembly file so you can interpret the look as the weight increases by 5 lb. increments. I attached the CAD file as both a step and iges file incase you had import issues. I also attached a rendered view to show the heavy texture I suggest for these parts. Finally, I attached an augmented reality view so you can see scale relative to some real world weights to which I had access.
For manufacturing, I tried to assume a cast urethane for the entire weighted portion, but the density was not high enough to make the weights a reasonable size. Therefore, I designed the parts as a cast iron core with a urethane over-mold. I think you'll be able to do an investment casting for each individual weight. Then, do 1 urethane mold with different inserts to over-mold the different weight sizes. Finally, I recommend you pad print the company logo and weight class on the end of the weight.
Please let me know if you'd like a link to the augmented reality file you can view on your smartphone or if you need anymore help
Joshua McCormick, PE, PMP
Apr 9, 2018 11:56
#36 dumbells_c16.stp, by Karthikeyan Arumugam
Hi ,
Please find the attached Dumbbells concept 2 set files for your reviews.
Thanks and Best Regards
Karthikeyan Arumugam
Apr 10, 2018 10:21
#45 Dumbbell by Hari Vignesh
I have re-uploaded the same proposal due to uploading issues.
Apr 12, 2018 14:28
#47 Altères1 by REDA
Apr 12, 2018 23:09
#48 Alteres2 by REDA
Apr 13, 2018 0:31
#51 Dumbbells set by Narasimha Chary
A 20 kg, hexagonal, fixed weight type dumbbells set.
Review and comment.
Thank you.
Apr 13, 2018 11:33
#53 submission #2 by Narasimha Chary
Apr 13, 2018 19:00
#55 version2 by arjunkhanna
this is my 2nd version, waiting for ur feedback.arjun
Apr 13, 2018 23:21
#58 New Dumbbell Line by sherifelsheikh
Apr 14, 2018 21:58
#59 New Dumbbell Line by sherifelsheikh
Apr 14, 2018 22:58
#60 dumbbells set submission #3 by Narasimha Chary
A new design of dumbbells with triangular cross-sectioned comfortable handy grip. (The colors used can be changed).
Apr 15, 2018 10:08
#66 version3 by arjunkhanna
this my another design submission .plz give your feedback for any suggestion.
thank you
Apr 15, 2018 17:23
#75 Dumbbell by MILARS
Unique design, Something different from market. Please rate and share your feedback.
Apr 15, 2018 20:38
#77 Dumbbell Design by Olaolu
Kindly check my designs and let me know your thoughts
Warm Regards
Apr 15, 2018 20:46
#78 Dumbbell Design by Olaolu
Kindly check my work and let me know your thoughts.
Warm Regards
Apr 15, 2018 20:52
#79 Dumbbell Design by Olaolu
Kindly check my work and let me know your thoughts.
Warm Regards
Apr 15, 2018 20:54
#80 Dumbbell Design by Olaolu
Kindly check my work and let me know your thoughts.
Warm Regards
Apr 15, 2018 20:57
#82 Dumbbell Design by Olaolu
Apr 15, 2018 20:59
#85 Dumbbell Design by Olaolu
Apr 15, 2018 21:06
#86 Dumbbell Design by Olaolu
Apr 15, 2018 21:11
#87 Dumbbell Design by Olaolu
Apr 15, 2018 21:11
#88 Dumbbell Design by Olaolu
Apr 15, 2018 21:13
#90 Dumbbel by Nathan 75
pl find my concept model if it is ok for you then i will change weight as per your requirement
Apr 16, 2018 8:15
#92 Dumbbell by DjayRC Design
Apr 16, 2018 11:36
#101 Dumbbell by MILARS
Please rate and share your feedback.
Apr 16, 2018 15:26
#102 Dumbbell by MILARS
Please rate and share your feedback.
Apr 16, 2018 15:27
#8 Dumbbell by Schone Engineering
Here is my concept design. Please contact me if you have any questions, thanks.
Apr 5, 2018 19:47
#21 Dumbbell 2 by Mecanikad
Hi. Here is my second proposal. More rounded. Please check and rate.
Apr 7, 2018 6:28
#97 Urethane dumbbell design by Alexandar03
I hope you like this design. I am open to your suggestions...
Best regards.
Apr 16, 2018 14:19




Tue, 10 Apr 2018 22:19:23 +0000
nice contest ;)

Mike Power


Thu, 05 Apr 2018 09:58:53 +0000
Hello, Fixed weight please.

Akuma X


Wed, 04 Apr 2018 06:52:02 +0000
Do you required Adjustable dumbbells or a Fixed-weight dumbbells?

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