Why You Need to Use 3D Modeling Services to Create Floor Plans

Why You Need to Use 3D Modeling Services to Create Floor Plans

Whether you’re a real estate agent showing prospective customers what future homes might look like or a family planning their dream home, floor plans are essential. Floor plans show all the rooms in a house, how doors open, and other important features.

2D floor plans are the most common type and are regularly seen anywhere the buying and selling of homes are involved. While 2D floor plans are important, a freelance floor plan design service can use another type of floor plan that will benefit everyone involved in the process.

3D floor plans are another way of showing these plans, but unlike 2D floor plans, they bring a whole new level of clarity to the project. A 3D floor plan shows the house, commercial building, or another project as if it were already built. There are many reasons why this can be useful. Here are just a few of the advantages.

Floor Plans Improve Communication

Not everyone is an expert at reading 2D plans. A potential customer may think the kitchen looks fine on paper only to realize that it’s too narrow for their needs. A large corporation may commission an office they think will be large enough only to realize they need even more space.


There’s something about being able to see the building in 3D that makes it easier for customers to determine whether the changes are right for them or if changes need to be made. 3D floor plans can show a lot of detail, from samples of interior design and landscaping to the size and geometry of the rooms themselves.

This is an important avenue of communication. Even if you’re careful and explain to the client how it will look, showing them will be much clearer. Many people don’t have the ability to envision what something would look like. Seeing the building as it would stand on the property can help them make decisions that are closer to what they had in mind.

Once construction has started, making changes is very expensive. It is far more cost-effective for both the client and the 3D modeling service involved in the project to understand what the client wants perfectly before starting construction.

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3D floor plans are a great way to help aid in communication and ensure that everyone who is working on the building has a way to visualize it.

Floor Plans Save Money

Whether the building being created or renovated is a skyscraper or a modest family home, one thing stays the same—changes to work orders cost money. It is vastly more expensive to alter a building when something has been done wrong than it is to change the plans before the first brick has been laid.

It also saves time and money in other ways too. Property developers frequently use 3D models of the building to start marketing the building before it is even finished. These advertisements might include a fully furnished example of the interior, as well as what it will look like from the outside.


3D models have a real benefit. Not only can they help you get a jump on marketing, but 3D renders are often better looking and cheaper than hiring a photographer. An architectural design service has complete control over lighting, angles, and even the weather outside the building.

3D renders are hyper realistic and virtually indistinguishable from a real photograph. There’s no reason not to use a render, and many reasons to do so.

One final way that a 3D render can save money is by helping you get permits. It’s easier to gain planning permission with a 3D model because inspectors and other personnel find checking for safety issues more efficient. Just as it is easier to communicate ideas to clients with a picture, it’s easier to show that a building meets all the proper requirements for construction with a 3D floor plan.

Of course, 3D floor plans don’t just help with saving money. They also help with funding projects. A large project such as an apartment can cost millions, and it’s not always easy putting together the money for the project.

A 3D floor plan can help attract investors who may be more interested in a project if they have a clear view of it.

Attracts New Customers

While 2D drawing and floor plan design services are very efficient, they aren’t very impressive to look at. With so many property developers competing for the attention of customers and investors alike, finding ways to spark interest has become very important.

A 3D tour of a potential home can provide just that. As customers are browsing past dozens of plain 2D floor plans, an eye-catching 3D tour may be just the thing to make them pause.

3D floor plans communicate a lot about your company. When an office commits to using more advanced technology such as 3D renders, it shows that they keep themselves up to date. Many architects, real estate agents, and other firms are slow to adopt new technologies, and that can cost them.

A sleek and modern render, or even more advanced technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality tours, show that your business is forward-thinking and prepared to tackle all the latest challenges.

Floor Plans Improve Safety

Sometimes, mistakes made by an architectural detailing service can lead to very embarrassing and costly problems later down the road. In 1977, the Citicorp Center building was built. It was a beautiful glass tower that stood 59-stories high—and it had serious design flaws that failed to take into account wind hitting the corners of the building.

It was only discovered after the building was built, when an architect student analyzing the building found the fatal flaws in the design. Construction workers had to work at night to avoid people from panicking to remedy the problem before the building collapsed. If the student hadn’t happened to choose this building for their analysis, it could have ended in the building collapsing with people inside.


Although incidents like these are rare, safety flaws can and do happen. It may be that a building is vulnerable to fire or flood and is being built in an area where this is a potential hazard. It could also be that a fancy architecture design has challenges of its own, and those need to be met to have a safe structure.

3D models of a building aren’t just good for looks—they can also be used to analyze the structure and ensure that it is safe enough. The same programs that design the building can often also do other things, such as create a list of building materials, estimate costs, and check for safety. If the design is determined to have a flaw, it’s much easier to fix it in the design stages rather than rebuild it when it is already a danger to those living in and around it.

Helps Customers Determine Affordability

Another essential way 3D floor plans can help people from every walk of life is to help them pick a design that is affordable for them. A 3D floor plan can show them what each possible floor plan will look like and the costs of each.

This can help a small family looking to add an addition to their home find a way to do it affordably, as well as help ArchiCAD design services tasked with staying on budget choose a plan that will maximize their profit from this particular development.

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Affordability is a very important consideration. A client may feel tricked if they get their hearts set on a particular look, only to find out it’s outside their means.

This goes back to clear communication. Any time we fail to communicate something, the result is damaging.

On the flip side to this, clients may not be aware of what they can get within their budget. They may be expecting something similar and are surprised and impressed by what is available within their budget. 3D models can show what’s available in a crystal-clear way that leaves no room for doubt.

Cad Crowd’s Architectural Designers Can Design Your Floor Plans

At one time, 3D models were seldom used for floor plans due to their expense. The cost of software and a trained 3D design service who knew how to use it made using 3D models prohibitively expensive.

This is no longer the case. The price of a 3D floor plan has come down in cost and has changed the way many projects are being handled. Not only is a 3D model cost-effective, but it often saves a lot of money for everyone involved to use them.

Creating 3D floor plans benefits everyone, from the client to the construction workers on the project. If you’re looking to have 3D floor plans made, Cad Crowd can help. Find out how it works.