Recap: 4 Crowdsourced Design Contests Open Now

video game controller design industrial design contest

Crowdsourcing is a great way to find creative answers to any design problem. Cad Crowd’s community of designers is always hard at work, competing to find the best solution — and, of course, win the prize! So here it is, without further ado: a recap of four of the most exciting crowdsourcing design challenges currently accepting submissions on Cad Crowd!

1. Angled Keyboard in 3D Modeling Design, by Saket Trade Links

Angled Keyboard Crowdsourced Design Competition

The design challenge here is to come up with a sleek, minimalist design for a sliding keyboard platform that sits at a 32.5-degree angle, and can be manufactured with minimal tooling costs. The keyboard slide is meant to be mounted on to a moving cart, and so has to be sturdy enough to stay in place while moving, but without having too much visible sliding hardware. A subtle design for clever minds!

2. ATG’s Automotive Concepts 2016 in 3D Modeling, Design by Decker

Automotive Design 3D Modeling Car

This contest involves designing of a luxury electric vehicle for the Amani Technology Group. These concept sketches are to be used for sales brochures and the website. The challenge for the designers is to come up with sketches based on existing photos and renderings. We’ll be seeing more vehicles like these on the roads soon, will one of these designs be among them?

3. Satellite Transceiver Bracket in 3D Printing, Design by Mahbub

crowdsourcing design contests 3d printing bracket

A highly practical design challenge, the task here is to come up with a design for a mounting bracket for a 98cm satellite antenna. The design has to be simple for mass production, but stable. And, of course, it’s got to look good. Not a flashy design project, but an interesting challenge for designers!

4. Video Game Controller in 3D Modeling, Design by Adam

video game controller design industrial design contest

Who hasn’t played a video game and thought “I bet I could design a better controller than this…”? Well, here’s your chance! This design competition calls for a new video game controller design, and ergonomics is everything. Gone are the days of the sharp 90 degree edges of the Super Nintendo — the modern gamer demands more comfort and more style!


These are just some of the awesome crowdsourced design competitions posted to Cad Crowd. Good luck to all our designers! If you’re thinking about launching your own design challenge, you can read our article on how to succeed at crowdsourcing. Take a look at how it works, and then post your contest!