Luxury Home Design Upgrades by CAD Drafting Freelancers

3D house Facade and CAD drawing

Anyone who has ever built a house knows it can be a daunting task. A lot has to happen before a house becomes a reality: bank approvals, purchasing land, acquiring permits, creating house plans, and finding contractors. These things all take time and money. Although financing and permit applications are up to the owner, we can help with your home’s design in a unique way.

Cad Crowd is a trendsetter in CAD, or computer-aided design, by helping those who want to get multiple design ideas without reaching out to individual CAD drafting and design specialists. Only the best design is financially compensated.

How does this work? Cad Crowd has an extensive database of architectural design specialists around the world who provide professional CAD services. Today’s computer design industry is a competitive business and only the best designers remain in demand. Designers enrolled with Cad Crowd have spent considerable time honing their skills before being chosen to work with us.

When you have an idea that needs developing, only designers who are skilled in that field will work on your project, so your time isn’t wasted. How will our designers know about your idea? Cad Crowd has created a platform where individuals, groups, or companies can solicit plans for projects and hold a design contest for submissions from our thousands of designers.

Globally, designers access this contest board to determine if there is something that matches their skillset. If so, they provide a submission within your deadline in an effort to win the monetary reward you’re offering for the winning design. The submissions that don’t win remain the property of the contest holder.

The scope of innovation possible through design contests is limitless, no matter the size of your project. Contests have become very popular among our clients and these examples will show you why.

One contest holder needed a pool house described as “minimalist” and provided the specifics needed for the design.

TORE pool house design created by Akuma Xtore-pool-house-drafting-design-drawings-1

From the many entries submitted to the contest, this one by Akuma X was chosen as the winner. Soliciting multiple designers to submit design plans for your idea would be very expensive through traditional measures. Holding a design contest makes this process affordable, because the cost is limited to the contest award amount.

The next contest didn’t involve any buildings. In this case the contest owner wanted a pool design.

Swimming pool 3D design by Mahbub


Designer Mahbub delivered and was chosen as the perfect fit for the project.

As we talked about earlier, there are contests held for entire house designs. This contest owner admired a number of styles of architecture including Mediterranean, Spanish, contemporary, and rustic and asked for submissions for a two-storey house.

Mediterranean Spanish Contemporary House Design by Tsuen

spanish contemporary rustic 3D CAD design for home1

Within the parameters and room specifications the contest owner asked for, submissions rolled in. The winning designer for this contest was Tsuen, chosen for having the most appropriate plan. It will truly be an admired home.

Another contest focused on adding an extension to an existing home to include a master bedroom with en suite, basement bedroom, garage, porch, and deck. With 26 entries to choose from, this contest holder had to make a difficult choice for the winner.

Single Family Home Addition Concept – Entry #3 by Arhitecto

Single-Family Home Addition Concept2

For example, there was this one from Arhitecto.

Single Family Home Addition Concept Krajart – Entry #25 by ecooco
Single-Family Home Addition Concept

Or, this one by ecooco. The examples illustrate the detail that goes into every plan submitted to the contest.

Another contest holder decided that a beach house was too lovely to use just part of the year and wanted it converted into a permanent home.

3D Rendered Images of Beach House – Entry #7 by Wanyoike

Converting a Beach House to Year Round House

Wanyoike took the existing building plans and proposed this concept that incorporated three bedrooms and a two-car garage.

Floor Plan Redlines – Entry #8 by Adam
3D Rendered Images of Beach House – Entry #8 by AdamAdam produced this schematic for what would be a very serviceable home year-round.

Beach House – Entry #5 by CADoodle

Beach House - Entry #5 by CADoodle1

Whereas CADoodle presented a majestic looking structure.

Homes are not confined to land, though. Boats canalso be houses on water and some people live on them full-time. A contest owner bought a half-completed yacht and wanted some ideas on how to finish it.

Yacht interior (2nd Design/Layout) – Entry #13 by noArch

yacht interior 3D modeling and CAD design plans

Designer noArch came up with these plans that certainly look spacious.

Yacht interior design – Entry #6 by Ts cg artwork

yacht interior 3d modeling and freelance cad design

While plans by Ts cg artwork provided a cozier feel to the layout in the bow section.

Yatch staff lounge interior design – Entry #5 by Emmanuel

Yatch staff lounge interior design – Entry #5 by Emmanuel

Emmanuel’s concept included a walk-in refrigerator in the kitchen, or rather galley, although kitchens in regular houses may not even be as nice.

It stands to reason that to get diverse ideas on a project you need individuals with their own ideas that can contribute to yours. Starting a contest through Cad Crowd provides the opportunity to connect with an abundance of designers without having to search for skilled individuals.

Contact Cad Crowd to get your idea going so you can realize your dream quicker and more economically. Our staff will advise you on the steps that need to be taken, which are much simpler through Cad Crowd compared to doing it on your own. The time and money saved will convert you to finding your winning plan through a CAD design contest – whether your design is for a yacht or a mansion, or anything that goes inside.