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I am considering buying a half finished yacht project and it will need significant modifications if I do. I would like to find some designers I can work with for the redesign work on the interior and some exterior styling.
I will look at creativity and practical application of any design and cost both of the design work and completing the renovation based on the design.
Ask for Sample:
As a sample I would like a redesign of the bow area from crew quarters to crew galley and long term refrigeration and freezer. I have attached two files. One is the file of the whole boat and the other is a section in the bow that needs to be redesigned. The vertical lines or stations on the drawing are approximately 10 feet apart. You can take your sizes for the area to be redesigned from these lines. I need the area redesigned to include the following: 1) A crew kitchen and dining area with all the requirements of both such as table, seats and appliances etc. 2) A walk in refrigerator and freezer built in for long term storage of food. The floor area of these must be approximately 15 - 18 square feet for each that is 30 to 36 square feet for both. 3) I need the door to this space to remain in the same place and there must be a door or access hatch of some kind to go into the forward compartment in the bow ahead of this space. Other than these items I am open to any design. You may submit one or more designs. I am going to retain some designers for quite a bit more work based on the creativeness and workability of the redesigns I receive for this area.
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#1 LAYOUT by Adam
Jan 17, 2017 17:21
#2 Just an idea by handsketcher
Jan 18, 2017 0:38
#3 Forward Cabin Layout by Steersman
Jan 18, 2017 14:17
#4 Boat by ODBDesign
Jan 26, 2017 19:07
#5 Yatch Staff Lounge Interior Design by EMMANUEL
Feb 8, 2017 6:03
#6 Yacht Interior Design by Ts cg artwork
Feb 9, 2017 21:06
#7 Yacht Interior Design top by Ts cg artwork
Feb 9, 2017 21:07
#8 Yacht Interior Design with pdf file by Ts cg artwork
Feb 10, 2017 19:39
#9 Yacht Interior Design by noArch
Feb 13, 2017 15:26
#11 Yacht Design by Jinen Sheth
Feb 14, 2017 15:18




Sat, 25 Feb 2017 05:14:07 +0000
Yes I have been to busy to look at this until today. I will post the winner shortly. Have to figure out how to do that first since they closed the contest.




Sat, 25 Feb 2017 00:04:38 +0000
Ended without a winner?! I mean the contest was, until now, in the "choosing finalist" state, with the Buyer (according to his profile) last seen on Feb 16 and the contest got in the "ended" state almost a week later without him logging in? Am I missing something?
I can understand of course if the Buyer is taking his time, I just don't understand how the contest moved on without him logging in...

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