Coronavirus Challenge – 3D Printing & Product Design to Combat Covid-19 via Crowdsourcing


Cad Crowd’s open-source product design contest is generating ideas to stop the spread of COVID-19

The Coronavirus is quickly spread through contact and can live on frequently touched surfaces for days. Cad Crowd, an online marketplace that connects clients with product design and development services, is hosting a contest to generate product designs that help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The contest is open-sourced and Cad Crowd is hoping that the entries will be 3D printed across the globe to help contain the virus.

Note: The contest successful closed with 137 entries and you can see this blog post for the winning designer announcements. In addition, you can view the contest page to download the open-source files for your 3D printer –


Study’s are showing that COVID-19 can live on stainless steel and plastic for up to 72 hours. Because of this, items like door handles, faucets, elevator buttons, and shopping carts present a high risk of contamination. Cad Crowd is hoping that ingenious designers will create product ideas that serve as viable alternatives to forced contact with these surfaces.

The open-source contest will make the 3D printable files available to anyone, anywhere, with the intention of slowing down the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. As of now, users have submitted entries ranging from door handle replacements to automatic faucet designs.

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A Few of the Designs Already Submitted

Our designers have already submitted over 30 entries to the contest that can be downloaded right now. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting.


This universal door handle device is designed by CAD services professional Afif Rizky Adrian. It allows you to open doors without touching the handle. The handle can be installed on any door, and afterward, simply place your palm on the half-circle and push down.


Another interesting design, these clips are 3D printable and can be used to DIY your own face mask. You can clip in any fabric you’d like that’s breathable and protective, attach the elastic bands, and you’re protected. A simple yet affordable method to cover your mouth.


Viruses are spread through commonly touched surfaces, including ATM machines and elevator buttons. These finger caps are a simple, economical solution to that problem. Just slip them on and off your finger when needed.


One of the more unexpected product designs, Abdulwahid designed this disinfectant hand sprayer. Before you touch anything, be it a shopping cart or countertop, simply press the button on the ring to spray a disinfectant that comes through the tube connected to the bracelet.


Here we have a half-glove you can wear on your hand. It allows you to press buttons and touch other surfaces without having to use your bare hands. There are separate designs for each hand, and it actually seems to be more efficient than wearing gloves.

Efficient Problem Solving with Crowdsourcing

It’s clear that to get through this pandemic, we must work together. Crowdsourcing allows individuals from all over the world to share their ideas for everyone to see, build upon, and develop. There is no barrier to entry – anyone from anywhere can submit their design using the required files and images.

Benefits of crowdsourcing include:

  • An increased variety of solutions.
  • More efficient problem-solving.
  • Unique and unexpected product designs.

The ability to manufacture locally is valuable in a time where supply chains may be cut off. 3D printing technology allows anyone to manufacture a product in small batches, with the only requirement being a 3D printer.

“By utilizing crowdsourcing in addition to Cad Crowd’s years of experience in the product design and 3D printing marketplace, we’re able to shine a spotlight on innovative product designs that can be produced quickly using 3D printing, “ says MacKenzie Brown, Co-Founder of Cad Crowd. “Our design contest rewards entries with a cash prize as an incentive to enter, allowing us to generate high-quality product designs in a short period of time. The designs are available as digital files and can be 3D printed all over the world to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Challenge Coverage in the Media

The 3D printing design contest has been covered across a variety of media outlets including the following:

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