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CAD Crowd is an online resource that helps companies fulfill drafting requirements with global CAD experts.Financial Post Article
Oil & Gas Special Report: Energy sector grapples with acute labor shortages 
Read this Financial Post report on the labour shortage in the O&G industry (click to read). “Any legitimate job offering $80,000-plus as a starting salary should be an easy sell to students in these troubled economic times, right? Wrong.”How Crowdsourcing Outshines Outsourcing
Crowdsourcing with freelancers is emerging as an excellent alternative to outsourcing. What is crowdsourcing? The difference between crowdsourcing and hiring is that a task is outsourced to a group, rather than a company.Here are some great reasons to use crowdsourcing for your next CAD drafting project.

  • Quality: You get to view and approve each designer’s work before anyone is paid. Usually, you’d pay the freelancer with the first accurate submission for your project.
  • Budget: Using freelancers allows you to choose your own budget, which puts an end cost overrun and time consuming RFPs. With a concrete budget, our freelancers are rewarded based on efficiency.
  • Large Projects: CAD Crowd works great for large projects. When your work involves multiple drawings or designs (ie.100+), we suggest asking freelancers to finish one drawing as a sample. Then you can ask the designer with the best entry to finish the rest of your project (you can even offer multiple payouts and split a large project between several freelancers).
  • Communication: You can speak directly with the designer working on your project, rather working with the business development guy. This eliminates communication based errors. Furthermore, a majority of our freelancers are native English speakers (Canada, the United States, Australia & the UK).

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The Leaderboad: Meet some of our top freelancers
User: Dual2

CAD Crowd Freelancer: NeilOverall Rank: 1/746
Exp: Senior Mechanical Designer / Draftsman
Industries: Nuclear, industrial, pharma
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User: Zaher
Zaher: CAD Crowd FreelancerOverall Rank: 2/746
Exp: Masters, Mechanical Engineering
Industries: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
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