8 Tips for Outsourcing Architectural Visualization for Rush Projects at Companies

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Today we are sharing tips for outsourcing architectural visualization for rush projects at companies. When under pressure to get a project done fast, it’s critical to avoid mistakes. Projects can be challenging even if you have worked with a team before; however, outsourcing a project can be more complex. If you’re planning to outsource your architectural visualization to a different company, it’s possible to complete it without delays. Here are several tips to help guide you through the process.

8 Top Tips for outsourcing architectural visualization for rush projects

1. Ensure the company knows it’s a rush order

It might seem obvious, but the urgency can get lost if it isn’t explicitly written down in the contract. When you first speak to a 3D architectural visualization company about your project, communicate the deadline. Ensuring the outsourced team has regular reminders and written notice, the timeline will be taken seriously. The Project Manager (PM) may need more than one artist on the project to complete it on time. The costs may be higher, so don’t be surprised if a rush order comes with an added price tag. More artists on the project mean the quality can be maintained despite the rush order, so it is worth the additional cost.

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2. Do your due diligence

It may be tempting to throw your project at the first company that writes you back, but this could backfire if the company doesn’t do high-quality work. Before signing on with a company, look at its portfolio carefully, and spend some time learning about its 3D architectural rendering services. If the company has references, follow up on them. Ask customers if they are satisfied with the overall work and how well the company handled deadlines. Were there delays? What was the reason for the delays? If a challenge came up during the project, how did they handle it? It’s safe to say nearly every project hits a roadblock.

If they can address these problems, it’s indicative that they can also manage issues if they arise with your project. It may take more time to find someone punctual about deadlines and give you a quality product, but it is better to have a shorter timeline than to start over or be endlessly delayed. There’s also a big difference between a renderer specializing in architectural visualization and one specializing in product design. If you hire the first person you see, you may be disappointed when their work doesn’t match your vision. Ensure that the company has experience in the architectural field, knows how to read floor plans, and can deliver the desired quality.

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3. Make sure the company knows what you want

The more detailed you can be about what you want your renderings to look like, the better the result will be. Although many 3D rendering artists can fill in gaps, they can’t read your mind. Mistakes happen when direction lacks clarity. The best way to help get a project off the ground as quickly as possible is to provide detailed information and explicit instructions. Sit down with your team before the order is made and review every detail. What colors do you want? What materials are needed for furniture or the building? What mood do you want to convey? What type of lighting? Will there be a background for the house? What does the property look like outside the building?

Sketches, 3D models, floor plans, property photos, and other pertinent files should be submitted. Talking with as many team members as possible is an excellent way to clarify the project’s vision. Don’t worry about overwhelming the artist with too much information. They can sort through what has been provided to make your project look how you pictured it, as too little information makes it difficult for them to work.

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4. Ask to see the project at checkpoints throughout the process

Imagine waiting until a few days before the deadline to get your first peak at the rendering, only to discover they’ve made several errors. It may take days to fix the issues, depending on what they are. Ask the 3D architectural modeling professional to see the model when it is partially finished; you can make corrections while it is still early in the process. Have your team look the project over carefully and compare it to the desired goal. Are all the windows and doors where they should be? Is the backdrop suitable? The earlier you spot a mistake and ask for a correction, the easier it will be to fix it. 


5. Keep open communication with the company

Feedback is vital to completing a project successfully. Architectural visualization is about taking your ideas and turning them into a photo-realistic version of reality. Without your help, it may not end up the way you envisioned. Before the project begins, have a meeting with the company and verbally go over the crucial points for the project. Make sure they understand the timeline and the project and answer any questions the artist may have.

Make sure you ask questions and have an understanding of what is feasible. It’s possible that even with everyone’s best effort, the project could still be delayed. Artists can get sick, or you may discover that you cannot get the project data as fast as you thought. By communicating with the 3D architectural visualizer company every step of the way, you’ll be able to see a potential delay coming in advance.

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6. Know what the company covers and what they don’t

Many people hire a 3D visualization company because they are also a designer. While a 3D artist can do incredible work with just a few sketches or detailed descriptions, they still need to know what you want. When a team is rushing to finish a project by a specific time, skipping the data collection phase is one corner that tends to be cut. Imagine you have a new property development with which you are eager to jump on the advertising. You send in a rendering request but don’t specify the details. The 3D artist must then imagine and create your four-bedroom and two-bath house.

Unfortunately, how houses are built and how the rendering looks are entirely different. Perhaps the artist used asphalt shingles, and the homes have clay shingles. Even if the architectural visualizations are for generic advertising and don’t need to be a building replica, not having all the details together will slow down the project. The 3D artist may need to charge additional fees for design changes.

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7. Provide clear feedback

You’ll review the project to ensure it matches your vision during the process. The 3D Exterior rendering professional can design a rendering that looks like the finished product if the building is still under construction. If there are mistakes, you can speed up the process by clarifying the things that need to be fixed. Instead of saying there are not enough windows, you might note where precisely a window is missing. If the building uses the wrong materials, be clear about which material or exact shade of color it needs to be used. The more detail you provide on what is wrong, the faster the artist can fix it, and the sooner you will get your project back to you.

8. It’s beneficial to look for a company before a rush order

Once you have a rush order burning in your pocket, every second is precious. Giving a company a less critical project to test the waters is a good idea if you don’t have a rush order. Outsourcing small projects may cost you in the short term, but they’ll tell you more about a company than its portfolio or referrals. It’s essential to look at the finished product’s overall quality and your experience along the way.

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Suppose you notice the company was slow to respond or unexpected delays prevented the project from being completed. You can choose not to hire this company for a more critical project. However, if they are quick, professional, and offer high-quality work, you’ll know who to go to for your rush project. Architectural visualization is a specialty field requiring an artist with the proper skill set. It is essential to look at each company closely and ensure their skills can be successfully transferred to a building or other form of architecture, for example, 3D interior visualization services.


Reasons for outsourcing your rush order

Now that we’ve looked at creating a smooth experience for your outsourced project, it’s worth reviewing why outsourcing is a wise choice. When there are high stakes, the best choice is to keep the work in-house, where your team members can be observed and pushed to keep things going as quickly as possible. Here are some reasons you might outsource a rush order.

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You don’t have an in-house team

In our globalized world, reaching out to a different company and hiring someone is easy. They no longer have to work in your office, or even in your country, to get the job done. Many smaller real estate companies don’t have a team at all. If you don’t have a 3D rendering designer on your staff, you will have to outsource this job if you want a rendering for your company.

You only have one artist.

Some larger companies employ a 3D artist to help with various projects, but there’s only so much work one person can do. If the job needs a quick turnaround, it may be better to hire an outsourcing company to utilize an entire team of artists to turn the project around quickly.

It can save money

Hiring an artist means paying for them during the project itself and afterward. It might make sense if you have regular projects coming at you, but you’ll still have to pay for that artist’s salary in-between projects. 

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It saves time

Hiring a bunch of artists just for one project is time-consuming. Each artist will need to be vetted the same way an outsourced company would be. There’s no guarantee you will find consistent quality or work ethic. Outsourced 3D rendering companies are motivated to complete your project because they are paid by the project, not by the hour. The sooner they get your work done, the sooner they can move on to the next project. They are also motivated to get your job done with a reasonable level of quality because redoing the project or getting a complaint would be detrimental to their business.

Outsourcing companies specializing in architectural visualization have the skills and knowledge to help them get the job done and satisfy their customers. An outside company may be an excellent solution for you. It can provide you with all the benefits of hiring a whole team of artists to tackle your project and get it done quickly, without the time and expense of searching for great CG artists, engaging them, and paying to keep them on staff.

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Rush projects are a part of the architectural industry. If you need an architectural visualization done quickly, it’s imperative to keep close track of all the required steps and follow them closely. It may take a few days to do your due diligence on a handful of companies, but they will reward you by working quickly to complete your project. Once you find a great company that gets you through a project, you won’t have to endure the stress and pressure of looking a second time. You can keep this company on call for years each time a new project comes up. The benefits of finding and building relationships with a great outsourcing company are virtually endless. If you decide you need to outsource your rush order, do so with confidence.

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