24 of the Best Pet Gadgets for Your Furry Friend

Glowdoggie LED Collar

Every pet parent wants only the best for their beloved pets. After all, they’re not simply pets – they’re also important parts of the family. Throughout the years, there have been lots of pet gadgets that have been launched into the market. And thanks to the latest innovations, even your pets can now use and enjoy the most state of the art gadgets. The best thing is that aside from being fun and useful, most of these pet tech gadgets are just so incredible that you wouldn’t even believe they exist.

Without further ado, here is a list of some of the best pet products made especially for your furry friends.

Luuup Litter Box

If you’re hesitating to bring home that kitty that’s gotten your attention because you don’t like the idea of changing her litter box every other day, the redesigned Luuup Litter Box may change your mind.

Three similar slotted trays stack together. The two on the bottom create a solid box while the one on top serves as a sift. You just pick it up, shake your cat’s litter through the box’s slots, dump the dirt, then move the tray to the lower part of the stack. Isn’t that simple? No shoveling, no scooping, and no changing of litter is involved.

luuup litter box

Modkat Litter Box Kit

With the Modkat Litter Box Kit, you can keep your kitty’s litter inside the litter box and save you from having to clean litter off of the floor. Many users appreciate and love its design, stating that because of its sleek look, visitors don’t feel they’re entering the home of a crazy cat lady. Others regret that they didn’t purchase it sooner, so why wait?

modkat litter box

PetSafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy

The PetSafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy can generate random patterns for your cat to keep them guessing and let them stay entertained for hours. Cats are known for their crazy way of chasing things, with some even content with simply playing for many hours.

Sadly, many cat owners don’t have the luxury to give their cat the playtime they need. When you like your cat to get some extra exercise without having to tire yourself out, you can always get him an automatic laser toy like the PetSafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy.

Thanks to its upright and lightweight design, you could put it in any spot where there’s enough space. Just turn the device on and watch as the bright red laser comes to life and generates random patterns that will keep your feline pet guessing.

petsafe frolicat bolt laser toy

360-Degree Ring-Shaped Shower

The 360-Degree Ring-Shaped Shower that you can use to bathe your cat or dog can turn the dreaded bath time into a fun and exciting activity. The tube guarantees a faster and smoother cleansing process.

360-Degree Ring-Shaped Shower

iFetch Ball Fetcher

If you don’t have the spare time to play fetch with your dog, you can always get the iFetch. This can serve as your substitute and ensure that your pooch will have uninterrupted sessions of playtime.ifetch

Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer

This particular potty trainer makes use of Pavlovian methods for training your puppy to go outside every time he feels the urge to do so. It can help prevent accidents and even make your bond with them much stronger since you don’t have to be upset every time they do their business on your favorite carpet or other parts of your home.

pavlovian puppy potty trainer

Furbo Smart Dog Camera

For dog parents who are always away from home but can’t stand not seeing their pup even for a day, the high-end Furbo Wi-Fi video monitor is made for you. Aside from being able to stream high definition footage over the internet straight to your smartphone, it’s also possible to shoot treats to your pet across the room remotely by just swiping the screen. The Furbo is also equipped with two-way audio to let you talk with your canine even when you’re in the office. It’ll even send you alerts every time your dog barks.


Catit Flower Fountain

The best-selling water fountain for cats, the Catit Flower Fountain has so much more to offer than its cute design. There are three settings for the water flow to please and satisfy even the pickiest of cats. Reviewers appreciate the fact that this tank is not easy to reach, which means there are fewer spills.

catit flower fountain

PetChatz HD Pet Camera

Made with a two-way video and audio feed, aromatherapy, and a treat dispenser, the PetChatz HD Pet Camera is the next best thing to actually being with your pet. Even if you do want to spend 24 hours a day at home with your furry friends, it’s far from possible.

But while there is no way that you can be at home all the time with your fur babies, you’ll still be able to see and even communicate with them with the use of a pet camera like the PetChatz. Aside from seeing your pet with a live streaming video, your pet can also see you.

The pet camera lets you capture photo and video alike, save it directly to your phone, and it can also be securely attached to the wall. It can also release calming aromatherapy scents and dispense treats on command.

PetChatz HD Pet Camera

PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

Animal lovers will be able to satisfy the curiosity of their pets with the PetPeek fence window without compromising their safety. This window looks cool and requires easy installation, making it a must-buy for all dog lovers.

PetPeek Fence Window

The Canine Shower Stall

You can have a specifically designated shower stall only for your dog, so there’s no need for him to use your bathtub. You can also put an end to your useless washing attempts with the backyard hose. This stall keeps the dog contained, making it much simpler to get them cleaned up.

canine shower stall

The Casper Dog Mattress

This comfortable Casper mattress for dogs helps make the transition from the bed to the floor that much easier for your displaced dog. It has a layered memory foam construction and is also designed with excess comfy material on top, which allows your dog to paw at it as it would the earth. It is available in three colors and three sizes and includes the same money-back guarantee.

casper dog mattress

Petcube Bites

The Petcube Bites allows you to keep an eye on your pets and feed them while you’re not home. It comes with a wide-angle camera that you can use to watch your pet anytime. Sync this with an app on your smartphone to watch and throw treats from anywhere. The sound works both ways, so you can even talk to your cat or dog. Anytime you require a break from work, just turn on your device and provide your pet a treat.


Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

It was only a matter of time before someone invented a Fitbit for animals. Not only does this Whistle GPS Pet Tracker let you keep tabs on your pet, but it also monitors how much exercise or activity they’re getting. If they’re at home watching a TV show rather than chasing cats around your backyard, you’ll know.

You’ll also know once they leave the backyard because this product sends texts or push alerts once your pet leaves a designated area. This product attaches to the collar of your animal and can run ten days between charges.

whistle gps pet tracker

The Odin: Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

It’s an interlocking treat puzzle toy that is made to give dogs physical activity and mental stimulation. If you worry about having no STEM skills, just fill the Odin with the treats and let your dog drop, push, or throw it around until the goodies fall out. If Fido gets bored with Odin, you may connect other toys to change the difficulty.

The Odin Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Dog Cooling Bed

Keep your dog cool using this amazing cooling bed and they’ll surely be thanking you all summer long. Dogs overheat easily, even if they are quick to pant whenever they get hot. It’s crucial to keep them cool, and this bed can help with that as it diffuses heat.

dog cooling bed

PetZen Dog Treadmill

It’s a dog treadmill that will keep your dog in good shape even when the weather doesn’t permit a walk outside. It’s also handy for people that live in snowy, cold winter regions. It means you don’t have to feel very guilty if you couldn’t take them for a walk. It’s the perfect alternative for those that do not have lots of mobility yet still like to keep their pooch in shape.

petzen dog treadmill


Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

It’s the best-selling dog flea collar available on Amazon for good reason. It’s the first product that others have used that was actually effective at killing fleas and ticks.

bayer seresto flea and tick collar

PetSafe Treat & Train Remote Dog Trainer

It’s a remote-controlled treat dispenser that uses positive reinforcement to teach your dog to stop stealing food off the table. The machine is used in conjunction with the multi-step training program that’s made around five fun games.

PetSafe Treat & Train Remote Dog Trainer

1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash

Turn your pooch into a sidecar for your favorite bike or keep them from pulling you over when chasing a squirrel with this unique bike tow leash. It’s also made of a patented mast and is made to keep medium to big dogs away from the pedals while keeping them from getting very far ahead or behind while you’re riding.

1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash

Glowdoggie LED Collar

For the dog that listens to Skrillex and has its flight booked to Ultra, Glowdoggie is a LED collar that is made to ensure they’re the coolest dog at the rave and stay safe even in the dark. It is also waterproof, making it perfect for night swims.

It comes in one of five colors and uses a built-in motion sensor to turn off and on. All you have to do is slide the collar on the neck of your dog with a battery section and it lights up without blinking and flashing. Hang the collar upright, then the lights will go off. The primary thing to note is that it isn’t made to replace the collar of your dog so never try to hook a leash onto it.

Glowdoggie LED Collar

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Throwing can be tiring. Sometimes, you feel more exhausted than your dog after a game of fetch. Fortunately, there is a Nerf gun available on the market. Just load the tennis balls and start shooting up to 50 feet away. There are four tennis balls included.

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Manufactured from recycled cardboard, it’s a hangout spot for your kitty. It’s a place for it to relax, scratch, and sit, not to mention how sleek and modern it looks.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Two-in-One Pet Glove

You love grooming your cat or dog. Why not make it a little more productive? The glove is made of rubber and fabric and has a surface-like brush where your palm goes, so you could use it to get rid of hair from your furniture, dog, or car seat.

Two-in-One Pet Glove

As you can see, there’s a pet gadget out there for just about everything. Want a high-tech water fountain? Check. How about a gadget to play with your dog? There’s something for that too.

Some of these gadgets have even been designed by Cad Crowd’s freelance product designers. They create top-notch CAD designs that are innovative and industry-leading. Whether you want a new pet product designed or a piece of furniture, we have you covered. Contact us for a free quote!