Crowdsourced Architectural Design Contests

Post an architectural design contest and hire CAD design and freelance drafting services. Crowdsourcing design challenges are a great way to find freelancers for your design project.

Steps to Post an Architectural Design Challenge

1. Write what you need

Write your project summary, set a timeline and decide on your budget.

2. Review submissions

Based from the submissions of the designers who joined the contest and make changes until you’re 100% satisfied with the design.

3. Pick your favorite design

Finally, choose the winning designer! After reviewing submissions, choose the design that you like best and award the prize to the freelancer of your choice.

Crowdsourcing Design Benefits: Architectural Design Challenges

Crowdsource design contests are a great way to find architectural designers and freelance drafters. Our network of professional CAD designers and architects are waiting to bid on your design challenge! With thousands of freelancers competing, you can easily receive dozens of entries in your design contest. You only pay for the submissions you select! Post a contest today!

Post a contest today!

Latest CAD design projects

Iona Abbey

A recreation of the cathedral section of Iona Abbey in sufficient detail for preliminary thermal, luminance, and acoustic simulations. The model should be furnished, with...

Under $799
2 Story Family Home Floor Plans

Hi, I am seeking house floor plans for a 2 story family home to be built in Townsville Australia. The house should be approximately 380sqm in size and be designed to take into...

Under $799
House facade design within 7 days

We are currently in the process of finalizing the design for a modern villa in the DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) region. We are super happy with the front of the villa. We...

Under $799
Creative Japan Inspired Loft - Unique Floor-Plan - Integrate Nature - Modern and Compact

My uncle was an architect and designed a house for my wife and I, but he died before we were able to finish the plans. I have worked to carry the designs forward on paper, but need...

Under $4,999
Creative Floor plan for bungalow remodel / 2nd storey addition

Need a simple floor plan - can be in any software or sketch by hand as long as it is to scale. Need Main floor and 2nd floor Looking for creative ideas to fit all the wishlist...

Under $799

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