Thermal behavior of TAXN and TCDXM D2 collimator mask, Finite element analysis studies.

The objective of this project was to perform thermal loading simulations of TCDXM (D2 collimator mask) and TAXN so as to allow the preliminary evaluation of the suitability of the given parts for the upcoming high luminosity upgrade that is to be performed in LHC in the nearest future. These parts are special purpose absorbers that are needed to protect superconducting magnets from the collision product radiation obtained within the experiment to prevent the superconducting magnets from quenching. The absorbers also localize the induced activation to the absorbers and surrounding shielding. The suitability of the current parts is evaluated in terms of maximum temperature generated due to the heat deposition, which in turn should not surpass the allowable critical temperature defined for the given structure. Depending on the results obtained, some recommendations for the design of cooling system are provided. For the current analysis CAE package ANSYS 16.1 was used
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Published 3 years ago
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