It was in the late 1990's and Prototek had already spent over a year working with a design contractor, trying to complete a casing for the Prototek LineFinderTM computerized, automatic sewer-line-finding instrument. Only about 80 percent of the project was completed in the parametric solid modeling PC Based CAD program, SolidWorks. The project seemed to be driven by the limitation of SolidWorks and the CAD skills of the designer, they had to settle for the design below on the left. Prototek was many months behind schedule with customers clamoring for the product. Due to illness the designer had to quit the project and Prototek turned to Tech-Net Inc., to complete the job. Our assignment was to complete the original project. Moving out of Solidworks and into IronCAD we completed the project in 2 weeks. THE PROTOTEK LINEFINDER (hidden)
Published 4 years ago
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