Special Person Lifting Hoist

The Client was looking to Design a comfortable lifting hoist for people. Unlike the current models, which are bulky and made of hard iron, The Client wanted a safer and more user-friendly option. The hoist should have padding for protection, a swinging ar to avoid hitting the person, and a sling material that won't cut into the skin. We envisioned a compact yet strong Design with Silicone for added skin protection. In response to the Client lifting hoist Design request, we leveraged SolidWorks, a Powerful CAD software, for an innovative solution. We crafted a sturdy yet lightweight frame using a robust alloy, enhancing durability while ensuring user comfort. SolidWorks' simulations optimized padding placement to prevent injuries from accidental contact. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) within SolidWorks refined the swinging mechanism, eliminating risks. For the sling, SolidWorks' predictive analysis guided material selection, ensuring both safety and comfort. The compact design, facilitated by SolidWorks' parametric modeling, catered to various users, including wheelchair users. A silicone layer for grip protection, color-coded tags, and ergonomic considerations were seamlessly integrated using SolidWorks. Safety locks were optimized through SolidWorks' simulations. 5-star review from the client. The same machine is open to manufacturing now and ready to revolutionize world.
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