Mining Radiator & Transport Frame

The client wanted to be able to rebuild the radiator as it is in reality and then build a transport frame from scratch, making sure it stays untouched during its trip to the mine. First step is to divide the radiator into assemblies, and draw each component one by one using top to bottom design in Fusion 360. The transport frame was then designed "in-context" using that CAD model. Such a radiator is relatively complex (about 200 parts) and the process of on-site measuring and CAD drawing is a challenge to optimize. The drawing part alone took about 4 full days. The radiator is being used by its owner. There was no problem during transport, and although there was a few issues with the core of the radiator later discovered, the problems were solved quickly thanks to the accurate CAD model.
  • Krithick Naik
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Published 1 year ago
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