CONCEPT DESIGN, PRODUCT DESIGN, DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURE, PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT, COLOUR MATERIAL FINISH INTRO Dog & Bone is an industry leader in water and dust proof phone cases for Apple and Samsung handsets. Ember was engaged to develop a new design for the Wetsuit to suit the iPhone X. It was important that the case brought something new, but still aligned with an existing and successful product range. WHAT EMBER DID The clear back shows off the phone, while the frosted strip is a subtle nod to the original 2007 iPhone with the panelled back face. Following the initial design, Ember stayed on to help the team with the detailed design and mass manufacture. RESULT Ember undertook the challenge bring something new to the table for a new way forward for the iPhone. The result is a slim feeling case which enhances all the great functionality of the iPhone X while giving it all the extra protection you want from a waterproof case.
Published 2 years ago
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