Internal product design - writing instrument (Whiteboard Marker)

Whiteboard marker product design - 3D rendered in Solidworks - in a "ready-to-be-manufactured" state, complete with tolerances and the necessary upscaleing where the plastic shrinkage was taken into account. I'm not only creating a model for a project, but I will make the necessary calculations/sizing as well. The next step was the 3D Moldflow simulation of the injection molding process (gate location, filling and packing, cooling, optimal manufacturing window, warpage analysis, etc). After that I am ready to design the injection mold, but this particular internal project is not in that state yet. The bottom line is that I am able to tackle complex engineering and design problems, if the need arises
Published 1 year ago
3d-modeling 3d-rendering flow-simulation injection-mold-design-service moldflow plastic product-design shrinkage-calculation tolerances