Industrial Design - 3D Printing Projects

I share a set of different works, as an example. 1. Frame Design The idea is to reuse the lenses from old frames that are unwearable. I did a deep study research for this project, going through different standard norms, and design history to understand the anatomic parts of the faces for a better design approach. I worked on the 3d model and testing and prototyping until having the final product. 2. Shelf brackets Just an example of static analysis on some parts using Solidworks. I wanted a new shelf bracket for my room so I designed it and generate different simulations to adapt the bracket to the weight I estimated appropriately, in this case, for 100kg weight. After that I generated an optimization of the design, having in mind different factors, and as a result, a beautiful and aesthetical bracket. 3. Mixer's gear Reconstruction of an old gear of a mixer as a replica. Among my jobs, I also have done several replicas of old functional parts. 4 & 5. Custom cover design / Custom tablet stand Among my jobs, I also created several customized goods. You can decide how to create your idea! 6. Start-Up product ideation and development I helped a small business to design and develop their products. I did a deep study research of the project, sketching and concept design, 3d modeling, testing, and prototyping, and preparing the products to be made by the client's own 3d printers.
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