iCrystallize Magnetic Puzzle

iCrystallize are biodegradable plastic pods which are assembled with built-in magnets. With iCrystallize, you can explore innovative shapes or structures to inspire your team-building games, your office game or your afternoon family game with the loved ones. Subscribe to be the first to know when its coming out! iCrystallize Geometry is Unique and sustainable "At first, I started to create basic geometry such as parallelepipeds. Such parallelepipeds were taking the form of rectangles; resembled a perfect low-poly simulation of the world I was looking for. Adding and subtracting pods I was feeling like a sculptor. Remembering how to create it again ... that, was a challenge. I have counted how long it takes to resolve it. I have shown to my friends and WOOOOW'd me. Since, we game on." Andrei Toma, Inventor Start a game, build a team, or explore new friends With the Creative Thinking Game, you can with just few moves beautiful crafted artifacts. Once you discover new artifacts, you can start a game by getting others to solve it, or working in a team to discover artifacts and make new friends while doing so. Working together improves cognitive abilities but also creative skills. Get Creative Create anything you imagine. Pick a pod, find the surface that attracts magnetically and create awesome artifacts which you can inspire your colleagues or your friends. Gain new creative abilities and impress. Play with colors Create colored models with collaborators. Start a group and talk with with your colleagues or friends. Quickly share new idea with friends, or coordinate your next awesome crystal creation. The smart way to creative thinking At iCrystallize, we're committed to providing you with the best technology to help you reach your creativity. Whether you need to quickly build a team-building game to let colleagues evaluate each-other, explore creative thinking game, or get the best at solving one artifact, creative thinking game will help you sort through the imagining stuff, so you can focus on what you do best.
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